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Mammoth Beard Co.

Mammoth Beard Co. Unscented Moustache Wax

Mammoth is a versatile wax. While it softens up well, it offers a degree of stickiness that holds together nicely. It will not hold most ’staches for an entire work day, but it allows a wide variety of styles and the tin fits into the pocket well. This is perfect for the bearded man who prefers not to chew on his 'stache and wants a more casual look.

How to wax: Scoop a small amount with the back of your thumb nail, warm it between your thumb and index finger, then spread it evenly through the hair from the root to the ends. Shape it to your preferred style. Start with a little wax and add as needed.  

Hold 7/10
Pliability 7/10

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About Mammoth Beard Co. -  Mammoth Beard Co. is a local, Calgary based business focused on formulating beard care products with high quality natural ingredients and a special interest in creating unique scents that cater to a wide variety of tastes. The founders Lee and Lindsay have an entrepreneurial background that includes a history of formulating natural skin and hair care products as well as a professional background in aromatherapy and the safe use of essential oils. They hold strict values when it comes to quality ingredients, company ethics, and supporting local companies. Furthermore, they absolutely ensure that every single ingredient plays an integral role in the quality and effectiveness of the final brew.

Ingredients: bees wax, lanolin, castor oil, essential oil blend.