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    Everyone Leaves Happier Than When They Arrived
    Our shops are a place of good vibes and memorable experiences. It is our goal that everyone leaves in a better mood than when they arrived. Everyone: customers, staff, delivery drivers, people asking directions, door-to-door vacuum salespeople — everyone.


    We are our own best customers. We get excited about the products we sell and our relationships with our suppliers, who often also make the items we sell.

    • We only sell things we would use ourselves.
    • When you use our products, you will also immediately see their quality.
    • Many of the products we sell are handmade. A product made by an individual or a small group of individuals who are experts in their field has a certain something that cannot be replicated by an assembly line.
    • We pay our suppliers a fair price for their expertise. If we are good customers, our suppliers tend to treat us with the same respect.
    • The products we sell should last as long as they possibly can. We would rather help you maintain the item we sell you than sell you a second or third of the same.


    We work to maintain an inclusive environment for both staff and customers. This includes respecting people’s cultures, orientations and special requirements.

    • All are welcome: all races, all religions, all sexual orientations, all ethnicities, all ages, all genders, all countries of origin, all abilities and disabilities — all humans.


    We believe that a company that makes money in a community also needs to contribute to its community.

    • We donate half of the money we take in from sharpening each year to the charities we support:  
      • Operation Come Home, Foxglove Farm, Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids, The Centre for Autism Services Alberta, Sole Food Street Farms, and Red Cross Disaster Relief.


      Traditional retailers rely on selling you the same item over and over. We would rather sell you one of that item and help you maintain it. Some of our products are designed to last generations. We also sponsor local environmental causes because it all starts at home.

      • Fewer items thrown out are better for the environment.
      • We sponsor honey beekeeping organizations because food is important, and therefore bees are important. You can’t have one without the other.
      • While we do stock items from all over the world, we try to source items from local suppliers when we can, thus shrinking our shipping carbon footprint.


      We believe that a staff that is paid well, has a stake in the profits of a company, and doesn't need to worry about their paycheque when they run into life’s speed bumps is more productive and has a reason to stick around longer.

      Our incentives include: paying a living wage, profit sharing for all levels of employees, health spending accounts, paid sick days, opportunities for advancement, and supporting staff development and education.

      Living wage for Families

      Knifewear is recognized as a Living Wage Employer by 


      We want to make seemingly mundane chores enjoyable. A life worth living is a life where you enjoy the little day-to-day tasks that you’ve been told are unpleasant or “work”.

      • A great knife can inspire kitchen adventure
      • Incorporating a classic shaving routine into a valued part of your day creates a meaningful ritual
      • Chopping wood with a superior-feeling sharp axe is such a treat