The definitive Moustache Wax guide

by Nathan Harley Gareau April 28, 2018

The definitive Moustache Wax guide

As a bit of a dandy, self presentation has always been an important thing to me. Like most, I enjoy a good haircut, a fine pair of shoes, a well crafted jacket. I believe that personal styling and presentation is never something you should do to please others. You’ll get better results and feel much better by simply doing what you feel looks best. Taking care with your style is something that can bring one’s self joy and can be a wonderful way to express your personality outwardly.

As someone who fails miserably in all artistic endeavours, my look is the one thing I can successfully focus my creative energy towards. For some, like myself, the most important aspect of their look is a finely crafted moustache. Classically moustaches are a symbol of many things. Power, wealth, virility, the list goes on. To me, moustaches are simply about fun. I love to have one because I love to style it different ways, and I love the conversations and friendships that having a simple piece of facial hair can ignite.

Occasionally, I even get men on the street warning me to stop tying women to the railroad tracks. I always refuse. My goal here is to help you choose the right moustache wax, and explain how to use it appropriately. Over the years my moustache has been styled many ways and I’ve tested many, many waxes. Well over 50, by my estimate. As new ones come on to the market, my favourites usually end up on the shelves of Kent of Inglewood stores.

This is a comprehensive list of the attributes of each wax that we sell to date.

Light Hold Waxes 

Big Red
Hold: 2/10
Pliability: 9/10

While this wax begins solid in the tin, a little heat makes it extremely soft. This makes the wax very easy to apply, but the trade off is that it does not lend itself overly to styling or controlling stubborn hairs. This wax really excels when I want the classic British Military look, something natural and just slightly tamed. Big Red wax is best styled with a comb or a brush after application for further control.

Medium Hold Waxes

D.R. Harris Windsor Moustache
Wax Hold: 5/10
Pliability: 10/10

D.R. Harris makes a very agreeable wax. It blends in well with any hair type, is very workable, holds relatively well, and has quite a pleasant fragrance. This is certainly my favorite scented wax, the Windsor contains soothing notes of Vetiver, Black Pepper and Orange Oil. This wax is ideal for short staches that need to be kept off of the lip, but definitely gives a more waxed look.

Hold: 7/10
Pliability: 7/10

Mammoth is another versatile wax. While it softens up well, it offers a degree of stickiness that holds together well. It will not hold most ’staches for an entire work day, but it allows a wide variety of styles and the tin fits into the pocket well.

Horace and Jasper Tremendous Moustache Wax
Hold: 4/10
Pliability: 8/10

This wax is ideal for the bearded individual who wants to keep their moustache out of their pint, but would prefer to avoid the “dandy” look and opt for something fairly natural. All while still keeping the ‘stache completely tamed and away from the lip. It’s easy to work with, with a reasonable hold.   

Hold: 7/10
Pliability: 2/10

One of the best features of Fortknight is that they make 3 different colours of moustache wax! One for black hair, one for brown, and one neutral for all other hair types. Do not be scared off by the grainy quality of this wax, some time between the fingers homogenizes it for smooth application. The hold will last several hours, with malleability throughout that time.

Strong Hold Waxes

Captain Fawcett
Hold: 8.5/10
Pliability: 6/10

Captain Fawcett is the adventurer’s moustache wax. It holds up well in any climate, and lasts all day and night — plus the next morning, if things get out of hand. It’s fragrances will be noticed subtly by the user throughout the day while never being strong enough to offend. The only slight shortcoming of the “Gentleman’s Stiffener” is that it is quite averse to water, so be sure that both fingers and hair are thoroughly dried before using. If the wax combined with moisture, it will become quite lumpy.

Captain Fawcett Moustache Wax Expedition Strength
Hold: 10/10
Pliability: 1/10

As the name implies , the hold of this wax is legendary. Its workability however is not. This wax is so stiff that is does not work well on its own and is instead best applied after styling with a different strong-hold wax for extra reinforcement. I use it almost like hairspray, to finish and strengthen the surface of another wax. The use of a hair-dryer or lighter applied to the surface of the wax can make it easier to work with and apply.

Hold: 6/10
Pliability: 5/10

This wax comes out quite hard like Big Red, but will hold for much longer. It gives a definite waxed look, with virtually no scent. My favorite feature is the tin size, which fits comfortably in the pocket. 

Uncle Normans
Hold: 9/10
Pliability: 7/10

This wax is my absolutely favorite. I love it for its workability, its versatility, and its impressive hold. Uncle Normans contains pine-sap which allows for the wax to get quite smooth and soft when warmed between the fingers, and it goes on easily with less pulling than other strong waxes. Throughout the day, I find the wax to remain malleable while holding solidly for a longer than other stiff waxes. Finally,  if the user varies the amount used, it allows for a huge range of styles: from very natural to Dali-esque. Plus, each tin comes with a tiny travel tin attached for free. 

Being a fair-haired individual, I sport a relatively blonde moustache. While sometimes easy to miss, blonde facial hair takes products well as wax rarely shows up against the hair. For those with brown, black or greying hair keeping a neat and not waxy moustache can be a challenge. If you are worried about wax showing in your moustache I suggest you use Tremendous, D.R. Harris, Mammoth or Fortknight wax.

If ever you need help in the world of moustache styling, do not hesitate to reach out and ask whatever question may arise! We are available on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. and you can email us directly at Happy waxing my dear friends.

Nathan Harley Gareau
Nathan Harley Gareau

A famed cocktologist and axe man, Nathan stands at the helm of the Calgary store. Ask him about his world-famous Three Cherry Manhattan. Nathan also sits on the board of the Inglewood BIA and does his part to drive the neighbourhood forward. In his spare time Nathan can be found sharpening his axe, sabreing Champagne, or completing the fastest straight-razor shave around. He doesn't slur his words, he speaks in cursive.

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