Welcome to Kent of Inglewood,

At Kent of Inglewood, we believe that men are allowed to be just that. Many things are best done the old way, as we value tools and goods that perform their job well, and last a lifetime. Every man should have an excellent axe, a stiff cocktail, and a perfect shave.

Kent of Inglewood is a 100 year old store that opened its doors in 2014. Our passion is classic shaving, cocktails, axes, and all things fantastic. Every chair should me adorned with ram's heads, and every bowtie tied by hand.

Our goal is to provide you with a better life experience. Whether bearded, shaven, or otherwise, we would like you to enjoy what you do. For many, that is shaving with a brush and a proper razor. The mission our staff are tasked with is to find the right gear for you as an individual. If you prefer to keep your proud facial hair, we can help you find the right oil or wax.

Gentlemen drink Gin, ruffians drink Bourbon. We like both.

At the end of the day, it’s the little things that make you truly happy. A Manhattan measured with Gold. A polishing of the shoes. Wood chopped by your own hands. Whatever your little moments may be, we are here for you. Stay groomed gentlemen.

Maneat Acutis.


Kevin Kent


While living in London, England Kevin Kent would often peruse the shops along Jermyn Street, the “Savile Row of shirts and ties”. Jermyn Street is also the home of many of our favourite brands. D.R. Harris, Floris, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Truefitt & Hill. While wandering past and through these shops, Fortnum & Mason and on towards St. James’s Palace, the seed was planted to bring this level of gentlemanly luxury to Calgary. In the years since, Kevin has also expanded this vision to include outdoor gear and accoutrements, giving the shop a distinctly Canadian flavour. He's also a fan of classic cars; if you see an old Mustang parked near the Calgary shops in Inglewood, it's probably his.


Store Manager

A famed cocktologist and axe man, Nathan stands at the helm of the Calgary store. Ask him about his world-famous Three Cherry Manhattan. Nathan also sits on the board of the Inglewood BIA and does his part to drive the neighbourhood forward. In his spare time Nathan can be found sharpening his axe, sabreing Champagne, or completing the fastest straight-razor shave around. He doesn't slur his words, he speaks in cursive.


General Manager

Mike was given a kit of classic shaving gear for Christmas. When he opened it he said things like "I hate shaving, why do I want this?" (well, not out-loud cause that would be rude). After taking the plunge he says there is no going back and, that taking a few moments to enjoy a simple daily task like shaving has led him to find more things in life that deserve attention. Rebuilding old speakers and making plants live make him happy. He likes working with his friends and tries to make sure they have what they need to be able to their jobs well. As a result he has a business card that says he's the Operations Manager, which impresses his Mom. Otherwise he holds a clipboard and points at things, we think he may have worked for the government at some point. He's good for a conversation, especially if you want to talk about making coffee or cooking. Mike is also the owner of a razor fit for 2001 a Space Odyssey the Merkur Vision.


Doug is a writer, traveler, and an aficionado of both safety and straight razor shaving. As a jack of all trades and old guy he is capable and enamoured of sharing all sorts of information. Doug can properly swing an axe, remove ticks from his dog, polish boots and sharpen straight razors. His love of music is legendary. He’s been everywhere, man. Doug is taking applications for a banjo minstrel, someone to follow him about singing short, lyrical rhyming couplets touting his abilities and conquests.


Khalil is a man of distinction, who balances his love of helping others with a passion for the outdoors. He is an award-winning activist and has collaborated on many community building initiatives and has become part of the process of challenging and deconstructing Racism, Homophobia & other social issues. His leisure time is spent hanging out with friends, trying new foods, and listening to Beyoncé. He’s always looking forward to summer where he’s excited to learn how to throw axes, swim in lakes, go camping and maybe even try his hand at fly fishing. His favourite scent is Honey Oud by Floris.


A former court stenographer, they are always ready to listen to an interesting story and make a new friend, especially if the friend is a dog that comes into the shop! In their free time, they love a good stout or sour and some solid live music. Blair's colourful personality will brighten your day. Their favourite scent is Floris' Bergamotto di Positano, and they love the Portland Razor Co. Walnut square tip straight razor. In fact, they won't stop talking about straight shaving.


Design and Marketing Manager

Mason's job is to make Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood look cool. Which is an easier job than it looks (don't tell Kevin) since both are much cooler than Mason. He enjoys owning knives that make him feel like a much better cook than he actually is, and looking at razors that make him wish he shaved more than once every five years.


With a diploma in makeup artistry under her belt, cosmetic perfection is no foreign concept to Sarah. When she puts down her brush, she picks up her sticks. Her drum beats are just as tight as her brush strokes. Joining Kent of Inglewood aligned Sarah with her ambitions (and love of pretty sharp things) and thus a beautiful romance with knives, axes, and razors bloomed. Sarah's expertise and welcoming nature will not only leave you informed, but also with a big smile.




Store Manager

Kris is the leader of both Knifewear Edmonton and Kent of Inglewood Edmonton. He didn’t believe a straight razor could improve his sensitive skin when he shaves. He’s now been converted to a real razor lovin’ Gent! He likes to shave under his beard with his straight while drinking a nice scotch or cocktail for a relaxing evening routine. Kris’ favourite razor is the Thiers-Issard Spartacus.



Assistant Manager

A firm believer that if you're not pulling ridiculous faces, you're shaving improperly, Leigh considers himself a straight razor evangelist. Come listen to him proselytize any time. You can pick him out by finding the one who smells like Winston Churchill - who also wore Floris Special No 127. When not at the shop, he's probably reading something geeky, or cooking, both with a scotch in hand (neat, please).



Sometimes we think Jon was destined to work at Kent of Inglewood. He's passionate about straight razors, grows a sweet beard, and is a walking encyclopaedia of wet-shaving, sharpening, and steel knowledge. Not only does he have a personal collection of nearly a hundred straight razors, he forges his own! He says everyone should have a shave with a Max Sprecher razor, which, luckily, we carry. If you're not getting quite what you used to out of your straight razor, our man Jon will get it into beautiful shaving form again.



As our resident outdoorsperson, Jillian would rather be fishing, but in the meantime, surrounding herself with axes and knives will have to do. Her devotion to good gin explains her dance moves, and ebullient personality. It probably also explains why her favourite thing in the shop is the Yukiwa chrome flask.



Isabelle knows more about cocktails, fragrances, and axes than most people. Frequently eloquent with her words, she can chat with equal vigour about Shakespeare, steel types, and the best types of gin. If you need a new fragrance, she can help you out. Her fragrance of choice is Floris' Mahon Leather.







Lordy was a chef in a former life and now captains the ship that is our Ottawa shop. His experience with pomade is second to none and his mustache smells of Tobacco & Rosewood. He staunchly believes that a person’s life improves every time they swing an ax or strop a razor. Chris' favourite ax is the Wetterling Hudson Bay, the ax that built Canada and he shaves with a Thiers-Isard Snakewood.

Jon Bennet

Assistant Manager

He is the original Ax Throwing Champion of BATL Ottawa, and it only makes sense that this red headed rascal made his way to Kent of Inglewood. Jon’s fiery beard is tamed with Reuzel balm and his hair with fragrant Hair Tonic.


A former professional cooker of food, Alex knows his way around the kitchen and a bottle of cologne. Alex is an avid sportsman, having a favourite game for each season of the year. His hair is long; his beard kept neat; his scent is Floris Bergamotto Di Positano.


When he’s not puttering around the store playing with axes, this lanky rapscallion can be found puttering around the forest… playing with axes. His beard is as wild as a black bear but his outlook on life is as calm as an untouched lake. Harry can tame even the angriest of Lordys.

Vancouver - Coming 2017!