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    Meet the team

    Welcome to Kent of Inglewood.

    At Kent of Inglewood, we believe that people are allowed to be themselves. Everybody deserves to have a great shave, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Some choose classic shaving for the process, some choose it to reduce waste or expense. Whatever your reason, we'll help you shave better.

    Started in 2014, Kent of Inglewood was born out of a passion for quality. We loved classic razors and shaving gear because they're made with care and designed to last lifetimes. The passion drove us to include beard products, perfumes, and every other fine grooming product we could find.

    Because we're a distinctly Canadian brand, we also sell axes. Part of taking care of yourself is enjoying good personal time. A good axe or camping knife helps you to enjoy the Canadian wilds that we are blessed with.

    At the end of the day, it’s the little things that make you truly happy: an incredibly smooth shave, a luscious soft beard, or a razor sharp axe. We'll help you take care of the small thing so you can focus on the big things.

    Stay Sharp.



    A lover of the outdoors, Jillian is happy to talk axes and knives along with her favourite camping/fishing spots. She is a big advocate of classic shaving and has all the info to get your beard living its best life. When she isn’t at work she loves spending time in the kitchen making dinners with her family or going on adventures with her dogs. She strangely knows the lyrics to many a show-tune and has invented some pretty cool new dance moves over her near decade working at Kent


    Assistant Manager

    Jesse spent his early days adventuring around eastern Canada where he discovered his passion of cooking french food, camping, hiking and the joy of working on a PEI farm. Since returning to western canada Jesse has settled down into old man mode and is loving it. Catch him at the shop talking outdoor knives and axes, or books and food. You’ll know his laugh as soon as you walk through the door!


    Jax left the souless world of finance in favour of studyingpsychology and giving great shaving advice to our wonderful customers. When Jax isn’t at work or studying you can find him out enjoying local bands, exploring the outdoors, or making cocktails with his friends.


    Janae is a prairie gal turned city slicker. She has spent many a summer working in Waterton Lakes National Park, and scaling the surrounding mountains. Overnight trips in the back country were her jam. Now that she’s established in Calgary, she enjoys her hours at the bouldering gym and at her local weightlifting spot. Beyond growing her muscles and slinging sharp outdoor tools, Janae is pursuing her bachelors degree in Psychology, with the ultimate goal of PhD in her field. Come chat with her! You’ll find common ground on aesthetically pleasing folding knives and on literally all shapes and sizes of axes and hatchets.


    The fabulous Mac comes to us from the service industry and barbering world which makes him a hard working perfectionist with a love of grooming. Growing up in Hinton, Mac has enjoyed the outdoors from an early age. Whether it's a hiking adventure in the mountains or a DND adventure in his living room, Mac will make sure everyone is having a great time.

    Kevin Kent

    While living in London, England, Kevin Kent would often peruse the shops along Jermyn Street, the “Savile Row of shirts and ties”. Jermyn Street is also the home of many of our favourite brands: D.R. Harris, Floris, and Truefitt & Hill. While wandering past and through these shops, Fortnum & Mason and on towards St. James’s Palace, the seed was planted to bring this level of distinguished luxury to Calgary. In the years since, Kevin has also expanded this vision to include outdoor gear and accoutrements, giving the shop a distinctly Canadian flavour. He's also a fan of classic cars; if you see an old Mustang parked near the Calgary shops in Inglewood, it's probably his.


    Mike was given a kit of classic shaving gear for Christmas. When he opened it, he said things like, "I hate shaving; why do I want this?" (well, not out loud 'cause that would be rude). After taking the plunge, he says there is no going back and that taking a few moments to enjoy a simple daily task like shaving has led him to find more things in life that deserve attention. He likes working with his friends and tries to make sure they have what they need to be able to do their jobs well. As a result, he has a business card that says he's the Operations Manager, which impresses his Mom. He's good for a conversation, especially if you want to talk about making coffee or cooking.


    A famed cocktologist and axe man, Nathan opened the first Kent of Inglewood store in Calgary, and now spends his days writing most of what you are reading here and teaching straight razor shaving classes. Ask him about his world-famous Three Cherry Manhattan. In his spare time Nathan can be found sharpening his axe, making fermented foods, or practicing his amateur butchering hobby. He doesn't slur his words, he speaks in cursive.