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    About Straight Razors

    Taking your time to do things properly brings huge rewards, in this case you'll enjoy the badassery - the meditative moments, and the best shave ever. Straight razors can be used as your exclusive shaving method or in conjunction with a double edged safety razor to take care of business on those hurried mornings.

    These European style straights have two main parts, the blade and the scales (sometimes called the handle). The blades are measured in 8ths of an inch from edge to spine and the thinness measured by the “Hollow”. The taller blade provides more momentum and the thinner the blade gives a more sensitive feel. The scales provide a cover for the edge, counter weight to the blade and are made of different materials. Both parts contribute to the style of the razor. Be sure to check out the Leather strops too, they're a necessity.


    The straight razor. Not as clumsy or random as an electric razor. An elegant tool, for a more civilized age. Once, the only way to get a shave, the practice needed from a barber was so developed that very often the town surgeon was the same man - who else knew how to wield a blade with such skill? Unfortunately, this worthy tool has fallen in popularity in recent decades. Since the introduction of the double-edge safety razor, which democratized shaving and made blade maintenance a less essential skill, the straight razor has become a rarefied tool, shrouded in legend and mystique.

    As a service to you, our dear customer, who may be new to the straight razor, I have crafted a list of some of my favourite straight razors to give you an idea of where to start.

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    Congratulations, you have a new straight razor!

    You’ve just invested in the razor of your dreams, and I bet you are super pumped to shave with it. Fantastic, pick up that razor up and go for it. After you’re done having the most thrilling shave of your life, make sure you prioritize proper care of the razor to get the most out of your investment. A good straight razor can last a lifetime, but they are sensitive instruments that need some love. If you follow these instructions, your blade will shave you beautifully for the rest of your days.

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