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D.R. Harris Windsor Moustache Wax

Close your eyes and take a deep breathe in and you’ll be transported to an old, classic, English barbershop from yesteryear with this D.R. Harris Windsor moustache wax! With a medium strong hold you’ll not only love the nostalgia of this wax, but the performance as well!

Named for the Royal family, Windsor presents restrained elegance. Vetiver, Black Pepper and musk give an unmistakable masculinity without overpowering the delicate notes of orange and bergamot. The feeling of wearing Windsor is not unlike that of wearing a cashmere scarf.

How to wax: Scoop a small amount with the back of your thumb nail, warm it between your thumb and index finger, then spread it evenly through the hair from the root to the ends. Shape it to your preferred style. Start with a little wax and add as needed.  

Hold 5/10
Pliability 10/10

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About D.R. Harris - From the historic apothecary at No.11 St. James to the current abode at No.29, the descendants of Rotley and Harris have been purveyors of grooming products of distinction since 1790. Holders of Royal Warrants from the Queen Mother to the Prince of Wales, D.R. has supplied colognes, shaving products and grooming accoutrements to discerning gentlemen and ladies the world over.