Back to school shaving with Kent of Inglewood

by Jon Liss August 30, 2017

Back to school shaving with Kent of Inglewood

With the end of summer nigh, minds turn to the coming year of study. As the requisites of student life begin to suss themselves out, one starts to look for ways to save money, perhaps for some extra reading week funds, perhaps for a couple extra pints of lager on the weekend. Enter the traditional wet shave, not just a better way to groom one’s self, but also easier on the pocket book. We will look at some student friendly gear to get you through the school year looking dapper.


Merkur 42c

Unique in design, the 42c is an iconic razor whose style dates back to 1904. A nimble razor by way of its short hexagonal handle, yet still nicely weighted, the 42c will give fantastic shaves for decades.

Feather Popular Butterfly

A throwback to the classic butterfly style double edge razor, the Japanese made Feather Popular is perfect for the wet shaver on a budget. The plastic handle is rugged, so you can toss it in the backpack for when you wake up halfway through your first class.


Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush

In a variety of handles, these Spanish made brushes perform well on hard soaps and give a great scrub for some gentle exfoliation.

Kent of Inglewood Shaving Brush

We searched far and wide to find a brush to carry our name, and we think they are the best bang-for-the-buck that there is. Available in both Silvertip badger and synthetic fibre, they are an investment that will bear fruit for years to come.

Soaps and Creams

Geo F. Trumper tube creams

With a range of scents from the classic stand-bys, Sandalwood and Limes, to the signature Eucris and GFT, Geo F. Trumper creams are key for reducing friction — and therefore skin irritation. 

Crown Shaving shave cream

Made from all natural products, Crown is the result of a barber needing product that would not cause adverse reactions to his skin, but found the market lacking. It’s a cream great for those with sensitive skin, with a hint of cooling menthol.


Layrite No.9 Bay Rum Aftershave

The quintessential bay rum aftershave splash, nothing wraps up a wet shave like the splash of cloves and spice. Originating from the island of St. Thomas in the early 1800’s, it was a mix of West Indian Bay Tree distillate and “good rum”, with various mixes of spice and citrus for good measure.

Geo F. Trumper Skin Food

One of my favourite products we carry, Skin Food is a great dual purpose pre and post shave product. It softens and gives your shave glide, and a touch of alcohol cools, while glycerin  moisturizes the skin. Scented in classic Sandalwood and Lime, as well as subtle rosewater scented Coral.

Jon Liss
Jon Liss

Sometimes we think Jon was destined to work at Kent of Inglewood. He's passionate about straight razors, grows a sweet beard, and is a walking encyclopaedia of wet-shaving, sharpening, and steel knowledge. Not only does he have a personal collection of nearly a hundred straight razors, he forges his own! He says everyone should have a shave with a Max Sprecher razor, which, luckily, we carry. If you're not getting quite what you used to out of your straight razor, our man Jon will get it into beautiful shaving form again.

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