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Truefitt and Hill

Truefitt & Hill Beard Oil

This oil is designed to leave your beard feeling soft and conditioned, without leaving behind a greasy feel. Truefitt & Hill have carefully selected natural oils that absorb into the hair and skin well, including coconut, avocado, sesame, jojoba and argan. The blend is lightly scented with green tea and cucumber for a refreshing, calming scent.

  • This Beard oil is formulated for all sizes of beard.
  • Apply conservatively throughout the beard with the finger-tips. Use a Beard Brush for the best distribution.
  • Follow with matching beard balm to lock in moisture, and style the beard.

About Truefitt & Hill - As the world’s oldest barber shop of record, Truefitt and Hill has been providing discerning gentlemen with only the finest grooming products since 1805. Founded in the year of the Battle of Trafalgar, at its historic location in Mayfair, London; Truefitt and Hill’s patrons have included the likes of Wilde, Dickens, Hitchcock, Churchill, Sinatra, Olivier, and nearly every member of the royal family since George III.