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Truefitt & Hill Beard Balm

This beard balm truly does it all: soften, moisturize, and form. Unlike many balms, Truefitt & Hill is fast absorbing thanks to jojoba and avocado oil, which moisturize the skin and soften up coarse beard hairs. Shea butter and beeswax allow for the ability to shape the beard and moustache with a light hold. The base oils and waxes are complimented by the scent of grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot.

  • To apply, warm beard balm between the finger-tips and apply throughout the hairs.
  • This beard balm offers light hold and moisture, best used after a beard brush for better control.
  • Beard Balm can be applied on its own, or after a beard oil to better lock-in moisture.
About Truefitt & Hill - As the world’s oldest barber shop of record, Truefitt and Hill has been providing discerning gentlemen with only the finest grooming products since 1805. Founded in the year of the Battle of Trafalgar, at its historic location in Mayfair, London; Truefitt and Hill’s patrons have included the likes of Wilde, Dickens, Hitchcock, Churchill, Sinatra, Olivier, and nearly every member of the royal family since George III.