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Sosan Fong - Scuttle

Many among us have the memory of watching our father or grand-father whipping up a lather by hand, and carefully working through his morning shave. When he did that, he wasn’t just squirting foam out of a can, he was making the most out of a hand-crafted product. Sosan Fong shaving scuttles are designed to give you a lathering vessel for your shaving cream, or store your shaving soap. The scuttle features a reservoir for hot water that helps to keep your lather hot throughout the entire shaving process.

  • Available in three colours.
  • Before use, warm the porcelain with hot water and soak your shaving brush bristles.
  • Using a shaving scuttle will create more lather from a smaller amount of shaving cream, extending the life of your product.

About Sosan Fong - For those who enjoy a truly luxurious shave, few products provide the feeling of luxury better than Sosan Fong's shaving bowls. After her early retirement, Sosan took to creating ceramics in her Calgary studio. Her keen eye for detail, inventiveness and passion for working with others has helped her refine and perfect the products that she supplies for Kent of Inglewood.