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Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw 170mm

The Silky Pocketboy is the ultimate knife for bushcrafting, bushwacking, or just trimming the bushes in your garden. Their teeth are insanely sharp, and leave an incredibly smooth finish to your cut. They work on the pull cut, making the job much easier than with a traditional saw.
  • Silky saws work on pull cuts, avoid pushing agressively.
  • 170mm long blade.
  • Made in Japan.

About Silky Saws - Silky has been crafting wood-cutting saws in Ono, Japan, since the early 1900s. They continue to raise the bar for quality, with durability and efficiency not matched by other brands. They boast that people across the world ask less and less for a saw, instead they ask for a Silky.