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Seki Kanetsune Tanzaku-Tou Higo knife

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This is the ultimate higo knife; every detail has been carefully considered and improved up. It can be easily opened and closed one-handed, and the rock-solid liner lock keeps the blade perfectly fixed while you cut with it. The pocket clip can be repositioned to your liking, while the brass scales will age and patina, changing over time. This is the higo to last you a lifetime.

Blade Length 72mm
Overall Length 166mm
Steel AUS-8
Handle Material Brass
Weight 95g
Blade Thickness 2.8mm
Sheath N/A

About Seki Kanetsune - Established in 1964, Seki Kanetsune is all about duality in their blade production. They strive to create blades that are rugged, yet ultra-precise. They honour and follow tradition while incorporating modern techniques and technology when it betters their craft. This balance allows them to create spectacular blades, especially for camping, hiking, and hunting.