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Seki Kanetsune "KARASU" Outdoor Knife 125MM

These tactical-looking paracord-wrapped blades are the ultimate in durable survival blades. The full-steel handle makes them more super reliable and customizable for folks who like to experiment with paracord work. The blade's flat belly makes it excellent for making feathersticks, while the pointed tip is suitable for precision tasks.

Blade Length 125mm
Overall Length 265mm
Steel Blue #2
Handle Material Para cord
Weight  185g
Blade Thickness 4.0mm
Sheath Nylon

About Seki Kanetsune - Established in 1964, Seki Kanetsune is all about duality in their blade production. They strive to create blades that are rugged, yet ultra-precise. They honour and follow tradition while incorporating modern techniques and technology when it betters their craft. This balance allows them to create spectacular blades, especially for camping, hiking, and hunting.