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Ox-Head 1.75 Lb 24" Axe

This compact forest axe is a great multi-purpose companion on camping and backpacking trips, and even a versatile tool for backyard chopping! The wide bit can easily handle any amount of felling or climbing you throw at it, and will handily split smaller logs and pre-split wood.


  • Wooden handle from American hickory, treated with linseed oil
  • Convex grind edge
  • The edge is sharpened, polished and ready to use.

    Blade Material C60 Tool Steel
    Steel Hardness 57 HRC
    Handle Material American Hickory
    Handle Length 24"/ 61cm
    Head Weight 1.75lbs/ 800g
    Total Weight 2.25lbs/ 100g
    Grind Style Convex grind edge
    Made in Germany

    About Ox-Head Axes - Ox-Head, or Ochsenkopf in German, stands proudly as Germany's oldest axe maker. Based in Wuppertal, their name has been synonymous with quality since they began forging in 1781. Ox-Head is renowned throughout the world for their quality axes, nowadays forging from C60 Tool steel, known for its extreme toughness. This guarantees a long life of reliable splitting, chopping, and anything else you throw at your Ox-Head axe.