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Opinel Carbon No.06 Folding Knife

Opinel is a world-renowned brand for many reasons. Their production is top-notch, their innovative ring-lock is reliable and durable, and their design is timeless. These pocket knives excel at any task, giving you a feeling of self-confidence just by sitting in your pocket.

This knife has a carbon steel blade, the most traditional of Opinel designs. Be sure to dry in-between uses to avoid rusting. When cared for properly, they patina beautifully and hold their edge reliably.

Blade Length 70mm
Steel Type XC90
Rockwell Hardness


Handle Beech Wood


About Opinel - Opinel is the quintessential French pocket knife. Their history of forging steel goes back to the early 1800's in the Opinel family, and the numbered sizing system that they are known for was created in 1897 by Joseph Opinel. As demand increased, Joseph moved the company to Pont de Govoudaz to create a larger facility, innovating new knife-making machines, training workers, and bringing electricity to the village for the first time ever! Nowadays, Opinel is an internationally recognized design. Their minimalist designed has hardly changed, save for innovative new styles and the use of higher-quality modern steels.