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Naniwa Specialty/Super Stone 10000 210x70x10mm

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This is the stone that will give you true shaving nirvana. An edge properly honed to this grit will sing through the hair, leaving only glory in its wake. The stone is incredibly hard and hones quite slowly, so it is usually best to start on a rougher stone. Some folks will mostly use a a finishing stone only, and tune their edge up more regularly.

Naniwa Specialty stones are softer than some, so they require more careful and frequent flattening. They're a great budget-friendly option and will last a lifetime of casual sharpening.

Always flatten your stone with a truing stone after honing.

Stone Grit 10,000
Stone Size 210x70x10mm
Manufacturer Naniwa
Stone Family Naniwa Specialty
Stone Usage Prep Splash and go

About Naniwa - Naniwa is the biggest and best sharpening stone manufacturer in Japan. Their stones are among some of the highest quality in the world, good for both professional and amateur. They make a wide range or grits and densities, so you can choose the perfect stone for your needs and budget.