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Mizuno Seisakusho

Mizuno Axe Hatchet

This hatchet by Mizuno-san has a thinner bevel, with a chisel style grind. In plain english this hatchet is a jack of all trades, perfect for limbing, light chopping, kindling and even some carving.

Blade Material S45C Carbon Steel
Steel Hardness 55-56 HRC
Handle Material Burned Oak
Handle Length 14"/ 36cm
Head Weight
450g (1lb)
Total Weight
600g (1.32lbs)
Grind Style Curved edge with chisel grind
Made in Japan

About Mizuno-san - Mizuno Seisakusho was founded in 1937 as a blacksmith factory that specialized in the forging of plane blades for woodworking. As traditional woodworking waned, they started forging more axes and hatchets, experimenting with different shapes and handles. The current owner, Isao Mizuno is a certified traditional craftsman in the region and crafts a wide array of hatchets and metal-working tools.