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Knifewear 4,000 Grit Sharpening Stone

This is where most honing starts. If your blade pulls but still cuts, this range is about as rough as you should need to go.  It grinds steel well, but is far less aggressive than a rougher stone such as 1,000. As a result, the stone does the job without grinding excess steel and shortening the life of your blade.

Knifewear stones are hard, so they last a long time and work quickly.

Always flatten your stone with a truing stone after honing.

Stone Grit 4000
Stone Size 210x70x20mm
Manufacturer Naniwa
Stone Family Knifewear
Stone Usage Prep Splash & Go

About Knifewear - Knifewear is Canada's largest retailer of Japanese knives and sharpening supplies. The Knifewear range of stones provides incredible quality and performance at a very reasonable price. Whether you're sharpening knives or razors, Knifewear stones will live up to their reputation.