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Horace and Jasper

Horace & Jasper DE Safety Razor Head Cover

Whether you love to travel or have tiny hands/ paws in your house, the Horace & Jasper Razor head Cover keeps your blade contained. They keep not just your fingers safe, but they also stop the blade from chipping or slashing up your Horace & Jasper Dopp Kit. Each cover is hand-stitched in Calgary and covers are available in a variety of colours from Black & Brown to Tan & Red, depending on availability. 

*Razor not included!


  • Hydrate leather multiple times a year with a gentle leather moisturizer.

About Horace & Jasper - Horace & Jasper crafts some of Calgary’s finest leather goods, just a few blocks south of the main store. All products are locally designed, cut, stitched, & riveted by the hardworking hands of the punk-rock couple between this fine company.