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Henri et Victoria

Henri et Victoria - Lime Shave Soap Vegan 2.0

This soap forms a wonderfully slick lather that holds more water than the average shaving soap. The lather offers glide between the razor and your skin, and thoroughly cleanses the skin when applied with a brush. When you shave with this soap, you'll notice just how wonderfully soft your face feels afterwards. The Vegan 2.0 formula comes with added shae butter, which is extra-moisturizing and has a slew of skin-benefits including reducing inflammation and treating acne.
The scent of lime wakes you up with a little zing, and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

About Henri et Victoria - Henri et Victoria was founded in 2014 by Quebecer Claude Pilon. With his background in biochemistry, Claude his created a full range of shaving soaps, aftershaves and balms that he considers to be perfectly formulated. He has accomplished this by using hypoallergenic ingredients that are healthier for the skin and hair, and packaging them simple and elegantly. Claude Pilon is truly dedicated to elevating the shaving experience.