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Henri et Victoria - Bay Rum Aftershave Balm

After using a razor, your skin can be left feeling raw and unprotected. Aftershave balm gives in the armour it needs while it heals, but a good balm like Henri et Victoria also soothes irritation and provides much needed moisture to the skin. These are balms are a medium consistency, making them perfect for oily and dry skin alike. 
At last, a balanced bay rum, it's masculinity tempered with warm florals and citrus. Light top notes of ozone and lemon mingle with lilac, rose, carnation and lavender. As with any good bay rum, vanilla, patchouli and rum form the base.
  • Soothes shaving irritation and hydrates the skin after the shave.
  • For best results, use following Henri et Victoria Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash.
  • Comes in a 100ml tube.

About Henri et Victoria - Henri et Victoria was founded in 2014 by Quebecer Claude Pilon. With his background in biochemistry, Claude his created a full range of shaving soaps, aftershaves and balms that he considers to be perfectly formulated. He has accomplished this by using hypoallergenic ingredients that are healthier for the skin and hair, and packaging them simple and elegantly. Claude Pilon is truly dedicated to elevating the shaving experience.