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Helle Kletten 55m Folding Knife


This blade is one of many firsts for Helle. Their smallest blade yet, their lightest blade yet, and their first dedicated Everyday Carry knife.

This folding knife is meant to be used, heavily reinforced with stainless steel liners in the handle and a rock-solid back lock. The handle is contoured to be held firmly with three fingers and prevents slipping. In Helle's own words, the Kletten is designed for small, un-planned adventures.

Blade Length 55mm
Handle Length 80mm
Steel Sandvik 12C27 Stainless
Handle Material Curly Birch
Manufacturer Helle

Comes with Leather Sheath

About Helle - Helle is a company that runs like a mighty river, working with obstacles and history rather than against them. Over almost a century, they have transformed and morphed, and their success can be attributed to their undying principles of honesty, hard work and quality. In the small factory in Holmedal, Helle handle each step of production for their knives and sheaths from raw material to finished product. Each blade is finished individually, and by human hands.