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Grohmann #104F Flat Grind Mini Skinner

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The mini skinner is perfect for hunters who are always conscious of where the tip of their blade is while skinning. It offers absolute control when dressing any animal. 

Blade Length 64m
Handle Length 165mm
Steel 4110 Stainless
Handle Material Rosewood
Manufacturer Grohmann
Comes with Leather Sheath

About Grohmann Knives -  Grohmann knives was born in Pictou NS out of a desire for hand-crafted Canadian quality. The Belt Knife #1 was designed over years of testing and prototyping with hunters and trappers to create a truly Canadian Knife. Since perfecting that design and later starting “Grohmann Knives Ltd.” in 1961, the family has gone on to create many different styles of fixed blade and folding knife, taking as many as 53 steps from the starting point to the finished product.