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Ezra Arthur English Bridle Strop

This luxurious bridle leather strop is perfect for anyone shaving with a straight razor. Crafted to Ezra Arthurs exacting quality standards, it will last a lifetime if cared for, but won't break the bank. The perfect first strop.

A strop is a must for your blade. By stropping properly on a regular basis, you can avoid sharpening your razor as often and help it last longer. Sorta like brushing your teeth often to help you avoid the dentist. Ezra Arthur strops are extremely solid and designed to have the leather or canvas portion easily replaceable in the event of a stropping disaster.

  • For a full break-down video on stropping technique and care, check out our blog.
  • Strops can get dry, so be sure to moisturize it a couple times a year with leather cream.
  • This strop is two-sided. Use the rougher side, followed by the smoother side
  • Available in 2.5-inch and 3-inch widths, 18 inches length.
  • Made in the USA.

About Ezra Arthur - A family of brothers crafting leather goods using time-honoured methods, creating heirloom goods worthy of their grandfather’s name, Ezra Arthur. Leather goods are fully handmade from the finest materials and carefully inspected prior to leaving the factory in Phoenix, USA. Ezra Arthur's goal is to create the best products in their field, from razor strops to designer backpacks.