Castle Forbes

Castle Forbes The Preshave, Unscented 100ml - 3.38oz

This water soluble pre-shave hydrates and protects your skin providing a smoother, closer shave. Unlike the majority of pre-shave products, this pre-shave is oil-free! Being water based, it does not create a barrier to water as oils do - instead, it fully moisturizes your face and beard to prep for shaving. Mixes well with any shave cream or soap without leaving any residue on your razor or brush. A happy face is a happy life!

About Castle Forbes - From the 6000 acre estate at the Castle Forbes in Scotland, the world’s smallest perfumery began creating luxurious products for men of distinction and elegance in 1996. Castle Forbes products are created free of parabens and added colours, made from natural ingredients, using only fragranced pure essential oils. Products are created in small batches to ensure that standards of excellence and luxury are maintained.