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Castle Forbes Cedar and Sandalwood Essential Oil Aftershave Balm 150ml

You deserve a shave this good. Not only do Castle Forbes products out-perform their competitors, they last longer too. While most companies don’t choose to reinvent the wheel, Castle Forbes has - and for good reasons. Castle Forbes aftershave balms are formulated completely differently - they soothe irritation better than most, hydrate perfectly for any climate and don’t contain any nasty ingredients.

Andrew French adds enough essential oil to each aftershave balm to provide medicinal benefits to the skin. He finds this changes the texture of each product, so he has formulated each one differently to ensure consistent performance across his entire product range. Earthy cedarwood and sandalwood oil soothe you, and are effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

  • Apply following the shave after using your alum block or aftershave splash.
  • Best used after Castle Forbes  Pre-shave, and Castle Forbes  Shaving Cream.
  • Comes in a 150ml bottle.
  • Castle Forbes Products don’t contain parabens, artificial scents or colours, or other nasty ingredients. All Castle Forbes products are 100% vegan.

About Castle Forbes - One of the finest names in shaving, Castle Forbes was created by Andrew French out of a desire to craft all-natural shaving products and perfumes for men. Mr. French partnered with the Lord & Lady Forbes, starting the company from their clan castle and drawing strong inspiration from Scottish tradition. Castle Forbes Shaving Products are all-natural, paraben free, vegan, and the essential oil content in their shaving creams and aftershaves are enough to provide medicinal benefits to the skin during and after the shave. Products are created in small batches to ensure that standards of excellence and luxury are maintained.