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Bartigan & Stark "Grip" Firm-Hold 1oz Moustache Wax

As the name implies, Moustache wax is used to style and shape the moustache into a variety of arrangements. Bartigan & Stark "Grip" Moustache Wax is used for unruly, stubborn hairs and gravity-defying styles. This wax goes on smoothly and sticks together well. While it isn't the stiffest one out there, its tacky quality helps it to hold dali-esque shapes better than most other waxes.

How to wax: Scoop a small amount with the back of your thumb nail, warm it between your thumb and index finger, then spread it evenly through the hair from the root to the ends. Shape it to your preferred style. Start with a little wax and add as needed.  

About Bartigan & Stark - Calgary-based Glenn Loveless was raised by a family full of barbers, and his passion for grooming products began there. As Glenn addressed the needs of his own beard, he developed products based on intuition and his knowledge of various oils and waxes. As a result, Bartigan & Stark was born, a line of beard-care products that focus not just on the hair itself, but also every layer of the skin underneath. Compared to other brands Bartigan and Stark are designed to absorb quickly and effectively, often doubling effective treatments for dry skin and will as beard styling agents.