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Dovo was founded in 1906 in Solingen Germany by Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos, who split their surnames to form the company name “Dovo”. In those early years they produced only traditional straight razors like many other factories in Solingen at the time, with only 13 staff. Expanding later into scissors and grooming tools through the mid 20th century, their straight razor production went from 8000 per year to 3000 per month with resurgence in wet shaving. In 1996 Dovo acquired Merkur to round out their offerings to include safety razors, providing discerning folk with all manner of “meisterwerke en stahl”, or “masterpieces in steel”.

Today, Dovo is an empire of these “masterpieces in steel”. When James Bond Skyfall came out in 2012, Dovo wasn’t expecting the tsunami that came their way. The shaving scene using a Dovo razor inspired men the world over to shave like 007. Dovo sold a years worth of stock in 3 months, and they knew they needed a plan. By focusing on their best styles, such as the Dovo Classic, Dovo Bismarck and Bergischer Lowe they were able to keep up. Now many razor brands have seen a huge boost in sales, but Dovo remains the benchmark of quality and is the favorite of many novices and veterans alike.

With the decline of German steel production, Dovo made the wise choice to switch over to Swedish steel. They did this for a few reason. Swedish steel has been recognized as high-quality for centuries, takes and holds an edge very well, but is also affordable and easy to work with. Dovo has expanded their lineup to include some of the models previously put on hold and continues to produce consistent high-quality razors at an affordable price.