Dovo Pearl Straight Razor, Imitation Pearl Handle, 5/8

Dovo has been producing some of the world’s highest quality razors for over 100 years! Solingen steel is well known for its quality, and Dovo puts it to good use! 5/8” Full Hollow Ground, Carbon Steel, Imitation Mother of Pearl scales. It’s hard to get fancier than gold and pearl! Shave in style!

About Dovo: Dating back to 1906, founded by Herren Dorp and Voos, Dovo’s roots began as a straight razor manufacturer in the city of Solingen, Germany. Expanding later into scissors and grooming tools through the mid 20th century, their straight razor production went from 8000 per year to 3000 per month with resurgence in wet shaving. In 1996 Dovo acquired Merkur to round out their offerings to include safety razors, providing discerning folk with all manner of “meisterwerke en stahl”, or “masterpieces in steel”.

Size 5/8"
Grind: Hollow Ground
Steel: Swedish Carbon Steel
Rockwell Hardness:
Scales: Synthetic Pearl
Manufacturer: Dovo

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