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  • The Best Holiday Gifts for Anglers

    by Nathan Gareau Last updated: December 01, 2023

    Shopping for someone with a serious hobby sounds easy in theory, but it rarely is. Anglers, Woodworkers, and other hobbyists tend to be very particular about their gear, and often, shopping for them is a total shot in the dark. Lucky for you, we’ve curated several fantastic products that any angler will love! 

    The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies

    If there’s one thing every fly fishing fanatic has in common, it’s that they’re a nerd. As a fellow nerd who enjoys similar detail-oriented hobbies, I say that lovingly. Folks who fly-fish are in it for the process, not the result. What better gift than a way to enjoy the process even when they’re at home? The History of Fly-Fishing in Fifty Flies recounts the history of a sport that dates back 2,000 years, focusing on milestone flies from the first feathered hook to contemporary patterns using cutting-edge materials.

    Gentlemen’s Hardware Enamel Mug

    While enjoying their new favourite book, they’ll likely want a fish-themed vessel to sip their coffee (or whiskey) from. Gentlemen’s Hardware enamel mugs are lightweight, durable, and printed with various motifs, including fish, fishing flies, mushrooms, and more! While you’re sticking with the fish theme, snag them a pair of Friday Sock Co. Fishing Socks.

    Frost River Bifold Fly Wallet

    Before they head out to their favourite spot, it’s essential to be equipped with the right gear. While buying lures and rods for an angler is dodgy (and expensive) at best, a handy fly wallet makes their flies conveniently accessible at a moment’s notice. Made by Frost River from the toughest leather and sheepskin, these wallets last a lifetime. 

    Opinel Inox Folding Flexible Fillet Knife

    Now we’re talking. Many fisherfolks hike into the backcountry to undisturbed streams, and this lightweight, folding fillet knife is sure not to bog them down on a long trek. The classic Opinel knives are wicked sharp and easy to sharpen.

    Helle Steinbit Fillet Knife

    When I go fishing, this is my tool of choice. The blade is more rigid than the average fillet knife, perfect for piercing tough skins on pike and other hearty fish. The slight flex still follows contours and bones well, doubling as a great boning knife for land animals. The Steinbit’s grip is very comfy in the hand, and it even comes with a leather belt sheath for easy carrying!

    Boker ‘The Brook’ Knife

    Has your favourite river-dweller been extra good this year? Treat them to The Brook by Boker! The short blade is an excellent multipurpose tool for a variety of tasks, and the G10 handle inspired by North American salmon scales is sure to delight any fish lover.

    Nathan Gareau
    Nathan Gareau

    A famed cocktologist and axe man, Nathan opened the first Kent of Inglewood store in Calgary, and now spends his days writing most of what you are reading here and teaching straight razor shaving classes. Ask him about his world-famous Three Cherry Manhattan. In his spare time Nathan can be found sharpening his axe, making fermented foods, or practicing his amateur butchering hobby. He doesn't slur his words, he speaks in cursive.

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