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  • The Best Every Day Carry Gifts for 2023

    November 22, 2023 4 min read

    The Best Every Day Carry Gifts for 2023

    Alright, I’m gonna say it. The concept of “Every Day Carry” gets a bad rap. Sure, there might be a few mall ninjas out there slingin’ shuriken out of their cargo short pockets, but the idea of a daily carry is really about having good gear with you wherever you go. Well-made things help you have a better everyday experience, and that’s what we’re all about at Kent of Inglewood!

    We’ve curated our daily carry selection to include the best items you can have in your pockets for daily life: high-quality pocket knives, RFID wallets and a handful of multitools, but also top-notch combs and key organizers. Everything in our daily carry section is guaranteed to make your day better.

    Perhaps you know someone with pockets, and maybe that pocket-haver is on your list this holiday season. Whether you need a high-end folding knife for a loved one or just a handful of cool stocking stuffers, these are our best Every Day Carry gifts.

    Pocket Knives

    Spyderco Para 3 - $150

    Let’s start with an Every Day Carry favourite, Spyderco. This American brand revolutionized the pocket knife world and makes some of the best stuff. The Para 3 is incredibly smooth to open and close, and I love the wire clip that keeps it on the edge of my pocket. I would also check out the classic Delica or the Byrd Harrier if you’re on a tight budget.

    Kershaw Shuffle - $47

    Small knives are underrated! Even for someone like me who has larger than average hands, I find a small knife very handy to keep in a vest or jacket pocket. The shuffle has a great little blade, AND a bottle opener, AND a flathead screwdriver, AND it fits on a keychain. You also can’t go wrong with the Misdirect or the Leek!

    James Brand Carter - $175

    And finally, the best of the best. James Brand makes their pocket knives from super high-end materials to the highest specifications possible. The Carter features a G10 handle (similar to carbon fibre), a super smooth opening & closing mechanism, and a convenient blade size for daily use. Alternatively, you can snag the futuristic-looking Chapter, my favourite knife from James.

    Daily Items

    While a pocket knife is my absolute favourite tool to carry, it won’t solve all of your problems. Over the years, we’ve found some other handy items that help us stay organized so that we can face the day’s challenges head-on. Here’s what I never leave the house without:

    Secrid Wallets

    These things are incredible AND rugged! I’ve had mine for six years, and it’s still going strong. I’ve had fancier wallets fall apart long before that mark. The secrid features an RFID blocking aluminum case to keep your main 2-6 cards organized, plus a ton of extra storage space for cash and other cards. I prefer the Slimwallet because I can easily stuff it with cash while travelling, but the Miniwallet is also very popular. For those who got mo’ money and mo’ problems, the Twinwallet may be necessary with its 12 card capacity.


    You know something super annoying we tolerate without question? Key chains. Man, keychains suck. Fortunately, Orbitkey has created a handy key organizer that does away with the jangly pocket-ripping mess I’ve been tolerating for so long. Their leather organizer keeps up to 7 keys easily organized, and their lineup features a whole host of fantastic add-ons from lanyards, to belt clips, to additional multitools and USB drives to add to your organizer. Now, I couldn’t live without my Orbitkey.


    As a guy who regularly sports both hair and a beard, I’ve got a lot of combing to do. Pretty much anytime I go from one place to another, my hair needs fixing, so I always keep a comb on me. For easy carrying, I love a quality folding comb like the one Kent of England makes, although now that my hair is longer, I’m quite fond of my Hoxton Beard & Hair comb, with two different types of tooth and a fancy leather sheath.

    Stocking Stuffers & Accessories

    Perhaps your gift shopping is done, and you just need some finishing touches. Well, these are my top 5 EDC stocking stuffers!

    Woolpower Socks - If you spend any amount of time outdoors, you need these incredibly warm merino wool socks that naturally adjust to your temperature and activity level.

    Kent of Inglewood Lip Balm - A recent addition to my collection, I keep like 5 of these in different jackets. It’s naturally made in Calgary and the best lip balm I’ve ever used. Seriously.

    Opinel Folding Knives - These deserve an honourable mention as one of the longest-lasting folding knives out there. They’re beautiful, reliable, and affordable enough that you can grab one for everyone on your list!

    Niegeloh Nail Clippers - While I technically wouldn’t carry these (don’t be that guy clipping his nails on the bus), I had to mention them. These are super high quality, super sharp, and a great stocking stuffer.

    I hope that helped you with your holiday shopping, but if you ever need more help, don’t hesitate to visit us in-store, message us online, or check out our gift guide!

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