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  • Spyderco: Revolutionizing Folding Knives for Forty Years

    June 30, 2021 3 min read

    Spyderco: Revolutionizing Folding Knives for Forty Years

    Many years before we started carrying them, I borrowed a Spyderco knife and may have neglected to return it. Before you turn me in, you should know it was my Dad’s. He found it in a box of parts he was receiving back before he retired, and it belonged to someone else before he laid claim to it. That was ages ago and I can’t seem to track it down now, maybe Dad swiped it back. Regardless, that knife was well loved and well used by multiple people, over so many years. That reliability, the lifetime quality, is why I am so excited that they are now available at Kent of Inglewood. Looks like I’m getting a new knife!

    Spyderco has been around since 1976 with their first folding knife, the classic C01 Worker, appearing in 1981. That knife pioneered the modern pocket knife. A hole in the blade for one hand opening, options for smooth or serrated edges, as well as the clip on the handle for top of the pocket carrying. Since then Spyderco has grown to become a leader in the cutlery industry. 

    Spyderco knives are built for “getting the job done” - as a reliable work knife - and all of these beauties are perfect for everyday carry. For me, the Tenacious is easily my next pocket knife. Lightweight, compact, doesn’t break the bank, and looks good all the while. It’s a great little knife to slip into my jeans’ pocket, always at the ready whether i’m opening a new shipment of cool products, slicing open the bag of beef jerky I brought for lunch, or cutting out a pesky dandelion or two that I noticed popping up in my gorgeous lawn. This knife does it all. 

    If you are in the market for a hardy little workhorse for your pocket, it is hard to argue against a Spyderco. I have a feeling I’ll have to keep my eyes on my new knife, because my boys are getting to the age I was when I swiped dad’s. Maybe I should get one for him too… 

    We've narrowed down the vast Spyderco selection to our 7 favourites, but something tells me that number will soon grow.

    With a massive catalogue to choose from we have narrowed the selection at Kent of Inglewood to some of our favourites. These are my personal picks:

    Spyderco Byrd Harrier 2 G10

    If you're looking for a rock-solid yet cheap and cheerful pocket knife, you're not gonna beat the Byrd Harrier. It's big enough to get the job done, without feeling chunky in your pocket. Like most Spyderco knives it can be opened ambidextrously, and the pocket clip can be mounted four different ways! The handle made of G10 is ultra-durable, without excess weight.

    Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight

    In 1990 Spyderco shook things up by introducing two knives, the Delica and Endura. First of their kind on the market, both folders opened up the knife market to lightweight performance, one-hand open pocket knives that just about everyone could afford. Since then, Spyderco has tweaked ergonomics, refined blade steels and fine-tuned their performance countless times.

    From the the bi-directional textured handle reinforced with skeletonized stainless steel (try saying that five times) to the strengthened blade tip and larger opening hole,every detail has been carefully considered and improved over 3 decades on production.

    Spyderco Manix 2 G10

    The Manix 2 is a dependable, all-purpose folding knife that showcases Spyderco’s Made-in-USA quality and patented Ball Bearing Lock™. This style of lock makes the knife effortless to open and close one-handed. Its broad blade features a full-flat grind for an exceptional balance of edge geometry and strength. Matching areas of jimping (textured grooves) on the thumb ramp and the index-finger choil complement the handle’s refined ergonomics to offer an amazingly secure, comfortable grip.

    These are just a sample of the Spyderco lineup that we're proud to carry at Kent of Inglewood. Whichever you choose, I know it'll serve you well for years to come!

    Grab yourself a new Spyderco!