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  • Secrid Wallets: The Best Wallet You'll Ever Buy

    May 08, 2019 3 min read

    Secrid Wallets: The Best Wallet You'll Ever Buy

    I’m a fairly traditional guy when it comes to the little things. I like my whiskey without ice, I like my shoes polished, and wallets needn’t be more than a few strips of leather connected by some stitches. Or so I thought.

    When I first encountered Secrid, I was uncertain of why I needed a fancy lever for my credit cards, or a newfangled aluminum case to keep them in. In all honesty, it struck me as a gimmick—until I got my hands on one.

    Let’s start with the feel. Anything you handle a dozen times a day should have a good tactile sense. It should have a comforting weight without being too heavy. It should feel just right in your hand. Everything about the Secrid seemed to feel right to me, from the high-quality leather, to the compact design, and even the way it unfolded to reveal your cash. The tactile experience was finally taken over the top for me with the pleasing click of the wallet’s lever that pops up your cards in a cascading fashion. Things were starting to make sense.

    The more I learned about Secrid, the more I realized how much thought went into their product. The lever allows you to access your cards in an instant, and even use the tap-function one-handed. No more fumbling. Despite my snap judgement, the aluminum casing had been thought out carefully as well. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) theft is becoming more common in Europe and Canada, meaning that someone can brush past you on the train and get your cards information in an instant. The solution however, is incredibly simple: aluminum acts as a  Faraday Cage and prevents any possibility of contactless theft.

    Every aspect of a Secrid wallet was carefully thought out during the wallet’s conception, and the company is dedicated to quality at each step of the journey. This is why everything is made by hand in Holland, rather than outsourcing cheap materials and labour. Secrid’s goal is to combine fashion with industrial design & fashion. They firmly stand by their product, and each wallet comes with a 2-year warranty but they can easily last 10+ years with proper care.


    The Cardprotector is the heart of a Secrid wallet. Sold on its own, the Cardprotector is for the minimalist who desire convenience and style, and while keeping their cards safe. The perfect accessory for the Cardprotector is the Secrid Moneyband, for those who prefer to carry both paper and plastic.


    The Secrid Slimwallet is ideal for the individual that likes to keep their cards protected in style and needs to carry a reasonable amount of cash. For the more efficient individual, this wallet opens a split-second faster than the others and can be stuffed with more business cards, receipts and bills than its cousins


    The Secrid Miniwallet is a secure way to contain your credit cards, business cards and a few bills without the fear of anything slipping out. The clasp on the front helps prevent accidental loss of cash during an evening out.


    For those who prefer a Costanza sized wallet, the Twinwallet can hold between 10-12 cards with added room for business cards, cash, and anything else you may need to fit. This double-barrel model allows for extreme organization of your cards without weighing down your trousers.

    Secrid has a product for every lifestyle, and they are guaranteed to improve your money-handling experience while keeping your pockets organized and your style on-point.

    Check out the full selection here.