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Partner Profile: Reuzel

May 08, 2019 3 min read

Partner Profile: Reuzel

Reuzel began with Leen and Bertus, two Dutch teenagers obsessed with barbering. Their passion drove them to master men’s haircuts, with a razor-sharp focus on traditional methods and styles. Eventually they opened their barbershop, Schorem, a play on words that can mean Scumbag or Bad-Boy, but also literally means “I shaved him”.

Committed to creating the world’s best pompadours, quiffs, flat-tops and fades, Leen and Bertus began crafting their own line of products. As their barbershop and reputation grew, so did their line-up of products. The name Reuzel was chosen because it means Lard in dutch, a throwback to the main ingredients in classical pomades. They now have a wide lineup of styling, shaving and beard products made with modern techniques and traditional sensibilities.

Choosing the right hair-product from a wide range can be a daunting task, and is largely a matter of experimentation. To help you along, we have summarized Reuzel’s descriptions of their own products along with our experiences of them.

Reuzel Regular Pomade

Medium Hold, Medium Shine -Shiny slick-back & Messy Wet Looks

Perfect for those who want classic style, Reuzel Red holds all day for regular hair types. This pomade is designed to go on smooth and stiffen up, with a shine that lasts all day. Scented with a subtle vanilla cola fragrance.

Reuzel Strong Hold Pomade

High Hold, High Shine - High Elevation & Messy Wet Looks for Thick Hair

Reuzel Blue is crafted for those extra-tall pompadours and stubborn coarse hair. The water-based formula goes on smooth and holds like a wax, but washes out effortlessly. Scented with a warm vanilla wood fragrance.

Reuzel Matte Clay

Light-Strong Hold, No Shine - Natural, Textured & Styled Looks

Reuzel Clay is one of the most versatile hair products out there. A small amount can reduce frizz and give definition to hair, using more can give a serious all-day hold to even thick, curly hair. This product is perfect for active individuals, and has a chocolatey-mint scent.

Reuzel Fibre

Medium-Strong Pliable Hold, Light Shine - Natural, Textured & Styled Looks

For medium to thick hair types, Reuzel Fiber gives incredible volume and texture. For a seriously fashion-forward messy look you can use a little, or layer it on heavily for a slicked, textured look.

Reuzel Extreme Hold

Extreme Hold, No Shine - Messy or Dry Structured Looks

Volume, hold and matte finish are all cranked to 11 with this extreme product from Reuzel. This long lasting formula holds like the most extreme waxes but washes out with water. The more you work it in your hands the stiffer it gets, almost like a two-part epoxy. Scented with a subtle sugary rum fragrance.

Reuzel Medium Grease

Medium-Strong Hold, Medium-High Shine - Messy Wet Looks & Shiny Slick Backs

Reuzel Green Grease is perhaps the most classic pomade on the market. Made with fats like pomade of olde, This green goo gives you serious slicking power and shine, especially when applied to wet hair. This product will stick to your hair for days, so you can use less and simply top-up every morning.

Reuzel Heavy Grease

Extreme Hold, Low-Medium Shine - Dry-Messy & High Volume

For the man looking for serious control, Reuzel Pink Grease is a classic stiff wax. Whether you want to mess it up, slick it back, or stick it up, this'll do the trick. This product stays in your hair, so you can use less by topping it up a little every morning.

Tips for Greasy Pomades

If your style needs refreshing, splash on someReuzel Hair Tonic to cleanse your scalp and refresh your style. If you want to fully strip the product from your hair, applyReuzel Conditioner and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Rinse out and do a deep scrub withReuzel scrub Shampoo, followed by a dollop ofReuzel Daily Shampoo for a final cleansing.

In addition to their hair-styling goods, Reuzel makes a ton of other great products including shampoos, tonics, and beard care items. You can check out their full collection here.