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  • Partner Profile: Layrite

    May 08, 2019 3 min read

    Partner Profile: Layrite

    At the end of the 90’s, barbering was in serious decline. Despite being a part of a waning trend, barbers like Donnie Hawley stuck to their guns and continued perfecting their craft, continuously fighting to revive it. Donnie found that the traditional grease products used by the rockabillys that still fed the classic barbering industry stuck in their hair too long, making cutting their hair to the best of his ability very difficult. This led Donnie to a revelation: good hair products should hold like strong waxes, but be able to wash out with water like modern gels. Unhappy with what was available to him, Donnie Hawley set out to formulate the perfect line of hair products.

    Donnie had been using his own products on clients for a while, when one of them remarked that it was the only thing that made his hair “lay right” - the brand was born. Layrite is truly crafted by barbers, for barbers. This means that they’re easy for anybody to work with and maintain throughout the day. Every Layrite product washes out easily with water.

    These days Layrite has a wide range of products for every hairstyle and continues to innovate. Here’s how they work.

    Layrite Original

    Medium Hold, Medium Shine - Shiny Slick-Back & Messy Wet Looks

    This is the classic, the first formulation by Donnie. Designed to hold like wax and wash out like gel, Layrite Original is best for styling traditional haircuts with a medium amount of shine. Mist with Layrite Grooming Spray for extra hold.

    Layrite Super Hold

    High Hold, Medium Shine - High Elevation & Messy Wet Looks for Thick Hair

    Layrite Supershine is guaranteed to tame even the most stubborn thick or curly hair, and goes on smooth to all hair types. Whether you want a slick-back or a super tall style, this pomade will lock it in place all day long. Mist with Layrite Grooming Spray for extra hold.

    Layrite Super Shine

    Medium Hold, High Shine - Shiny Slick-Backs

    Layrite Supershine gives you the classic slick "Mafioso" look worn by Michael Corleone and Cry-Baby. This cream style product goes on smooth and easy, and has enough hold for thin and thick hair alike. For best results, wet down your hair before application and comb down repeatedly, allowing product to dry in place

    Layrite Cement

    Extreme Hold, No Shine - Messy or Dry-Structured Styles

    For those who wants extreme hold without shine, this is the product for you. Layrite Cement gives great lift for a pompadour or other tall styles, with a more modern finish. Despite its strength, you can restyle with this product all day. For even more extreme hold, finish with a misting of Layrite Grooming Spray for extra hold.

    Layrite Matte Cream

    Light-Medium Hold, No Shine - Natural Looks with Definition, Casual Styles

    Layrite Matte Cream is perfect for more natural looks, casual styles and pixie cuts. Cut down on frizz & give your hair definition, while maintaining its natural shape. Apply product more generously to damp hair for increased hold.

    Layrite Grooming Spray

    Layrite Grooming Spray is a “barber's secret weapon” that will upgrade any hair-styling experience. Use it to reduce frizz for natural styles, give your hair strength and volume for taller styles, or as a finishing spray to give extra hold to stubborn hair. If you have longer hair and don't typically enjoy using product, this is perfect for you as well.

    In addition to their pomades, Layrite has crafted shampoo, conditioner, and other spectacular products that you can check out here. If you require any further assistance choosing the correct Layrite product, feel free to contact us. Happy Stylin’.