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  • Partner Profile: Mammoth Beard Co.

    February 06, 2019 3 min read

    Partner Profile: Mammoth Beard Co.

    When Kent of Inglewood first opened, I was approached by a tall bearded man covered in horror-movie tattoos. Before I could show him the beard care section, he dumped a box of samples and introduced himself as Lee Palichuck, one half of Mammoth Beard Co. Since that day in 2014, we have stocked Mammoth Beard Co. in every Kent of Inglewood location that we open as a staple product. I am proud to call Lee and his wife Lindsay good friends, and I hope that the following interview helps you to get to know them better.

     How did you go from 2 people with one beard, to Canada's largest beard-care brand?

    Well, many years ago I was growing my beard out, and like many guys I started getting itchy dry skin. At that time there were very few companies creating or selling beard care products and honestly, I had no idea such a thing existed, so I probably wouldn’t have searched it out anyway. Lindsay has a background in natural skin and hair care and being the do-it-yourself type she whipped up some products in our kitchen that she figured might help. They worked really well and before long we were getting requests from friends. We had some prior entrepreneurial experiences that made it seem like a no-brainer to take our products to market, so we spent months on product development and branding and then sort of timidly launched in 2014. We couldn’t believe when we got our first online order within an hour of our website launch. I remember we had just arrived at the Stampede with our family when the first sale came through and we were totally blown away. The next year was actually quite a blur but we do remember working insanely long hours all the while wondering if this was real life. I guess to answer your question; it was a mix of luck, experience, good timing, and LOTS of hard work.

    What makes Mammoth stand out, why should someone choose your products for their beard?

    I think it comes down to quality and originality. Ultimately, the products were created for personal use and we’re quite particular with what we’ll put on our skin or in our body’s, so we’ve always put the quality of our ingredients over price margins. There are a lot of garbage ingredients floating around in the personal care industry and we just knew it was important for us not to contribute to that. We also have many really original scents that attract a wide variety of guys. A lot of people think all men just want to smell like they’ve been in the forest all day, we knew better than that and tried to create a diverse line.

    What products are your favorite for your own beard-care?

    As you can imagine, I use everything! I use our Argan Beard Oil (usually in one of the new scents we are trying out) and moustache wax every morning with my wood comb and boars hair brush. I rotate between our Beard and Body Wash Gel and one of our beer bar soaps usually twice a week. My personal favorite scents to use are Tobacco and Rosewood and Cedar & Mint. For the past 3 months I’ve been using our new limited edition fall inspired scent which we’ve got in the works that I think is awesome!

    You and I have imbibed many a pint together. What beer do you recommend to help one grow superior facial hair?

    Well I do enjoy a pint or two now and then! I have to say that throughout the summer I really enjoyed the Banded Peak Plainsbreaker. Nice to see it popping up more, also velvet fog is a summer go to. Going into fall I am hoping Whistler Brewing has the Chestnut ale again. It's hard to pick just one......but most locals beers are pretty good for beard growth, haven’t you seen all the brewmasters? Beauty beards all throughout!

    Thank you so much for your time Lee, and for keeping Canadian beards strong and proud.

    Check out the mammoth collection here.