Partner Profile: Hoxton Shave Co.

by Nathan Harley Gareau September 12, 2018

Partner Profile: Hoxton Shave Co.

In late 2017, Hoxton Shave Co. was formed to provide excellent quality shaving products at a very reasonable price. After stocking their shaving creams for over half a year, we are excited to announce the launch of a new product: Hoxton Pre-Shave and Beard Oil. This combination oil is formulated to both nourish a proud beard, and to prevent shaving issues.

Beard Care: Hoxton oil contains 3 main ingredients which have massive benefits for the beard. Sunflower seed oil and castor oil strengthen the hair to prevent breakage, while fighting acne and moisturizing the skin to prevent dandruff. Sunflower seed oil contains vitamin E which helps block UV rays. Olive oil moisturizes and fights bacteria. It is used in a smaller concentration to avoid clogging pores.

Pre-shaving: Hoxton Pre-Shave and Beard Oil is designed to protect and moisturize the skin while shaving, and also helps your razor glide better. The aforementioned castor and sunflower seed oils are hydrating and will soften the hair to create a more comfortable shave. Castor oil also helps wounds to heal and fights acne.

This is the first multi-purpose oil that Kent of Inglewood has stocked. It works beautifully as a compliment to any shaving cream or soap, especially Hoxton shaving creams.With a good brush, Hoxton produces a lather much like that of higher-end English brands and has a thick consistency that helps to protect you from the blade. After a pass with the razor, the skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated. Lathering can be done fairly quickly, and you will find that the shaving cream holds water quite well.

Hoxton currently makes 5 scents, with shaving cream available in all five, and the combination oil available in all but Charcoal.

Bethnal Green Shaving Cream / Pre-shave and Beard Oil
Bethnal Green is a modern take on the classic barbershop Chypre fragrance, with grounding vetiver. The green scent contains floral notes, reminiscent of the Bethnal Green Flower Market in London's East End.

Shoreditch Shaving Cream / Pre-shave and Beard Oil
The distinctively refreshing scent of aloe creates the base of Shoreditch, highlighted by notes of lemon and green apple.

Cannon Street Road Shaving Cream/ Pre-shave and Beard Oil
Named for the historic Cannon Street, this scent is a classic Bay Rum, updated with notes of vanilla and baking spice.

Earl Grey - Shaving Cream / Pre-shave and Beard Oil
Along with the famous English tea, this shaving cream is scented with warm spices that remind one of a cabin with a crackling fire, or a freshly baked apple pie.

Charcoal - Shaving Cream 
For those who prefer their scent minimal, Charcoal simply contains light notes of cedarwood and sandalwood.

As time goes on the Hoxton Shaving Co. range will surely expand. For now, I encourage you to visit one of our shops to smell the fragrances, test the oils and try making a lather with theshaving cream at our lather bar. In parting, I believe Calgary’s own Doug McCormick described the sensation of using Hoxton’s new oils best:

“As a beard oil it provides wonderful, persistent shine and it feels great in the beard - like mermaid fingers gently caressing individual whiskers. I can’t think of anything more accurate - or cool. Beard guys - give it a shot. Shavers - let me know if a mermaid shows up.”

Nathan Harley Gareau
Nathan Harley Gareau

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