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  • Partner Profile: Kuschlebär Beard Straightener by Jeff Chastian

    July 29, 2019 2 min read

    Partner Profile: Kuschlebär Beard Straightener by Jeff Chastian

    With over 20 years of professional experience in head-to-toe men’s grooming, it goes without saying that someone like Jeff Chastain would create a product that would revolutionize the industry. After working as a stylist, owning a salon in New York and perfecting two lines of hair & grooming products, Jeff set his sights to bearded men. As a bearded man himself, he knew the biggest plight of the hirsute: unruly facial hair.

    The man himself, Jeff Chastain.

    After much research, development and prototyping Jeff Chastian launched a new line called Masc and his flagship product, the Kuschelbär. This mysterious object is a heated brush, designed for the gentle straightening and softening of both beards and hair.

    By using a lower heat than flat-iron straighteners, the Kuschelbär is a highly effective way to manage your beard without damaging it. Simply plug the bar in, allow it to heat for 3 minutes, and brush through your beard in a slow, methodical manner. With practice, a medium beard can be tamed in about a minute. If you want your beard to lie flat, simply brush inwards along the neckline, and hold the beard down as it cools. Alternatively, you can flair your beard out like a Dilophosaurus, à la Jurassic Park.

    The Kuschelbär was crafted from Jeff’s desire to make beard maintenance quick and easy. He recognized that most men simply don’t have the time for a 7-step beard care regime. Not content to just revolutionize body care, Jeff Chastain also believes in the importance of social change, so every month 5% of his revenue goes to supporting causes he believes in. These include women’s health organizations, LGBTQ organizations, addiction recovery programs, community outreach, education, and many more progressive causes.

    While I do not keep a beard, those bearded pals of mine that have tried the Kuschelbär have informed me that it has become a valuable part of their routine. They use it after washing it with beard wash, being sure to thoroughly dry it before straightening. After the Kuschelbär they massage in a cream or balm, ensuring their face ferret remains smooth and moisturized. I use it on my moustache to keep it manageable, and I follow a similar routine. The finishing touch for me is a good moustache wax, and I find the straightened hair is much easier to tame and curl after being straightened.

    Nick of the Calgary shop, pre and post beard-straightening.


    Check out the Kuschelbär here.