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  • Andrew Szeto X Kent of Inglewood Skateboard Shaving Brushes

    by Nathan Gareau Last updated: June 10, 2021

    At Kent of Inglewood, the local community has always been a big focus for us. We partner with local businesses and designers whenever possible to carry as many locally-made products as possible. With shops in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing folks to partner with.

    Our newest special edition shaving brush: Andrew Szeto X Kent of Inglewood Skateboard Shaving Brushes! 

    We are very excited to announce our latest collaboration with Ottawa friend Andrew Szeto, woodworker, skateboarder, and all-around rad dude. Andrew is well known for his woodwork that utilizes old skateboard decks, so naturally, we asked him to make us a limited run of shaving brushes! These have been turned from recycled skateboard decks by Andrew, epoxied for extreme water resistance, and stamped with our brand. They're set with a luxurious 24mm two-band badger hair knot that’s guaranteed to lather like a beast and offer gentle exfoliation with every shave.

    Andrew was nice enough to sit down with us for a quick chat and tell us a little about his work and what makes these handles so awesome.

    Andrew Szeto, the talent, brains, and good looks behind our new limited edition shaving brushes.

    Nathan Gareau: Thanks for sitting down with us and also for making these stunning brushes! Before we get to the brushes, though, can you tell me a little about yourself and what you do?

    Andrew Szeto: I'm a skateboarder and maker in Ottawa/Wakefield, Canada! Most of the things I make are made out of recycled skateboards, and it's a way to give back and divert waste from the sport that I love.  

    NG: Right on, man! So, why shaving brushes? It was an obvious choice for us, and we were pumped to collaborate with you, but what got you excited about the project?

    AS: I love using a lathe, and when y'all approached me, it seemed like a great challenge! Having something in your shops is totally a dream come true, so this project just made a ton of sense. 

    Andrew at work on his lathe.

    NG: We’re equally honoured and excited, and the brushes turned out beautifully! I've seen some pretty cool step-by-step videos on your YouTube channel. Would you be willing to walk us through how you made these brushes?

    AS: Oh yeah, I've actually uploaded a bunch of Instagram clips that describe the process. Basically, it’s a matter of glueing up a block of old skateboards, putting them on the lathe, turning the shape of the brush, boring the hole, and then finishing with epoxy/ glueing the brush itself down too.

    NG: Wow, you make it sound pretty easy, but I can tell from your videos it takes some serious practice! Besides shaving brushes, what else do you like to make out of recycled skateboards?

    AS: Canoe paddles! Paddles are my mainstay! When I am not on my board, I'm probably in the water, in my canoe. I also dabble in furniture and hope to make a lot more in the future! 

    Some of Andrew's recent canoe paddles.

    NG: Do you have any future projects in the works or anything you've always wanted to make that you hope to tackle soon?

    AS: I've built bigger things like an A-Frame cabin and canoe, I've got a kayak build coming up (mostly with recycled skateboards) & going to build another cabin soonish! 

    NG: Damn, that’s super cool! Thank you again for taking the time to chat. If people want to check out more of your work, where can they find you?

    AS: @szetoszeto on Instagram and Andrew Szeto on YouTube! Thanks a million! <3 

    Andrew's brushes are now available at Kent of Inglewood Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

    Speaking with Andrew got me even more excited to get one of these brushes and start shaving with it. Whether you need a gift for Father’s Day or simply want to treat yourself, I guarantee you’ll love Andrew’s brushes.

    Grab an Andrew Szeto X Kent of Inglewood Shaving Brush Today!

    Nathan Gareau
    Nathan Gareau

    A famed cocktologist and axe man, Nathan opened the first Kent of Inglewood store in Calgary, and now spends his days writing most of what you are reading here and teaching straight razor shaving classes. Ask him about his world-famous Three Cherry Manhattan. In his spare time Nathan can be found sharpening his axe, making fermented foods, or practicing his amateur butchering hobby. He doesn't slur his words, he speaks in cursive.

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