2017 Kent of Inglewood Groomsman's Gift Guide

by Nathan Harley Gareau May 11, 2017

2017 Kent of Inglewood Groomsman's Gift Guide

The men that serve as a Groom’s Honor Guard are his closest chums and should be rewarded for their efforts; last hoorahs, stag & does, night-before buffoonery and getting-to-the-church-on-time don’t happen all on their own, after all. Thank your comrades-in-arms by treating them to the same level of class and style that she sees in you. Here are our suggestions for the perfect “thank you” to those that know you best.

The Beard Kit
Kent of Inglewood beard brush, Tremendous Wash, Cedar and Mint Mammoth Balm, Balsem felt dopp kit

Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of bearded. A rugged groomsman, sporting a mane about his face, would do well to care for such a beard. A boar bristle brush, woodsy beard wash, and a sturdy yet refreshing balm makes for a beard that becomes a gift to all who behold it.

The Shaving Kit
(Ivory) St James Shaving Cream, Kent of Inglewood Mug, Edwin rubber handled razor, Kent of Inglewood shaving brush, Edwin Jagger plastic brush stand.
(Black) Jermyn Street Cream, Kent of Inglewood Mug, Edwin rubber handled razor, Kent of Inglewood shaving brush, Edwin Jagger plastic brush stand.

In classic Westerns, the hero always wears a white hat and the villain a black one. Nowadays even the good guys have their choice of adornment. Which would your groomsman be? The rubber gripped razor from Edwin Jagger makes your shave as sure-footed as a billy goat while the lather of English-made shave cream from a silver-tip shaving brush is as luxurious as an ocean liner.



The Pocket Knife
Laguiole Dark Horn folding knife with clip, Bubinga Opinel, or Mcusta

Arguably man’s greatest invention after fire, the knife has helped divide man from beast more than any other tool. Some of our favourites are Damascus Mcusta from Japan, a bubinga handled Opinel, or a Claude Dezorme with water buffalo horn accents, one risks being unarmed against the day if his blade is left at home.

The Axe
Hultafors treking hatchet or Hultafors Trekking Axe

Canadians owe much to the humble axe, we are a nation of people living in a land famous for woodsmen, fur trappers, and explorers. It is no secret that the best axe makers are Swedish and that Hultafors Bruks is among the best of those. Any groomsman, city slicker or no, can be swayed to chop his own firewood if given the right gift.

The Tie
LVJ signature deer pattern bowtie and tie

Woven in England, these silk ties are made by LVJ Haberdasher, a Canadian company who aims to raise the sartorial bar of the common man. Their trademark Deer print is made of 100% premium quality silk and is available in several colorways. It is also available as a bowtie, for those less orthodox. If you are going to give a tie as a gift, your brothers would be lucky to get one as regal as these.


Once you’ve sorted out your groomsmen, it’s time to look even more thoughtful and dashing to your soon-to-be. Why not suggest a gift from yourselves to yourselves? It’s the perfect chance to remind your betrothed that they are marrying the most romantic man in their life. 

The Scents
Leather Oud and Honey Oud

It’s time you’ve both grown out of sharing that bottle of CK One in the bathroom. A matching set of Floris scents are the perfect thing for when you hit the town together. Both Eau de Parfums are rich, deep, and complex; the distinct Oud backbone is made sweeter with honey or more enticing with leather. Each is well suited to either the Bride or the Groom, making this a gift you both can enjoy.

The Cocktail Set*
5 piece Cocktail Set in Rose Gold: Japanese Jigger (large), Mixing Glass, Tin with Tin Shaker, Triangle Strainer, Spoon with teardrop end 

If I know anything about marriage, the occasional cocktail can go a long way. Whether shaking martinis for the neighbours or sipping on an Old Fashioned after the workday, it is a known fact that rose gold makes a superior libation. A well-equipped barcart is a sign of a lively and welcoming home. And isn’t that ultimately what we wish for ourselves on this most special of days?

  • Rose Gold Tin and Tin Shaker $205
  • Glass cut pattern Mixing Glass $58
  • Rose Gold Triangle Strainer $52
  • Rose Gold Tear Drop Spoon $34
  • Japanese Style Rose Gold Jigger Large $48 

*cocktail gear available in store only 

Nathan Harley Gareau
Nathan Harley Gareau

A famed cocktologist and axe man, Nathan stands at the helm of the Calgary store. Ask him about his world-famous Three Cherry Manhattan. Nathan also sits on the board of the Inglewood BIA and does his part to drive the neighbourhood forward. In his spare time Nathan can be found sharpening his axe, sabreing Champagne, or completing the fastest straight-razor shave around. He doesn't slur his words, he speaks in cursive.

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