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  • James Brand: Pocket Knives of the Future That Honour the Past

    by Adam Zarycki Last updated: July 23, 2021

    Here’s a question I’ve heard countless times: Why do you carry a knife everywhere with you?!

    Here’s the answer I’ve given every single time: I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

    You never know when you might need a handy pocket knife!

    This might sound silly, but it’s the honest to goodness truth.  When you think about it, how often have you used your teeth to rip open a package? What about your car keys? Come on now, admit it (I’m not your dentist, it’s okay). You’ve definitely gouged, ripped, chewed or torn through packaging hundreds of times in your day-to-day life. While this may seem totally normal, why wouldn’t you want to make that common task as easy and enjoyable as possible?

    Enter: The mighty pocket knife.

    What makes a good pocket knife? A good pocket knife holds a sharp edge for a long time. A good pocket knife feels good in your hand.  It gives you confidence. But what about a great pocket knife? What about a knife that you’re proud to tuck into your pants pocket every damn day? That’s where James Brand knives enters the world of everyday carry gear and, frankly, kicks ass.

    James Brand builds reliable, stylish knives for the modern age.

    All Day, Every Day

    In an increasingly digital world, James brand has embraced the analog. They’re striving to encourage experiences, adventures. And these moments, these adventures, be it camping, gardening or, if you’re like me, sometimes on your daily commute, demand tools that can stand up to the task at hand. 

    Some Things will Never go Digital

    With the goal of creating the modern, minimalist everyday carry, James Brand was born in 2012 in Oregon by a collective of adventurists and designers. In almost a decade, James Brand has not only succeeded, I’d argue they’ve exceeded that goal. In an era where everyone desires feedback and advice from strangers on the internet (you’re here, aren’t ya?) James Brand thrives on the practical application of their tools; In the urban jungle, in the field, in the wild.

    Meet the Team

    The Carter features a slide-lock mechanism, a rugged VG-10 stainless steel blade, fully-profiled G10 scales, and a deep-carry, reversible pocket clip, the Carter is The James Brand's most advanced knife. It’s also the easy favourite of our staff and customers. This is the epitome of a classy folder that still has some of that edgier sex appeal. I have to admit, the All Black model lives in my pocket on the regular!

    The Ellis uses a lockback design so that you can do real work with a tool that locks; no more busted knuckles turning screws. Other features include a partially-serrated drop point blade, a combination bottle-opener and screwdriver, a handy scraper and pry and a bail loop for attaching to your keys, carabiner, or backpack. Also for the survivalists out there, the pommel acts as a glass breaker. Saving a Dog from a hot car? The Ellis has your back.

    The Wayland represents The James Brand's take on the classic slipjoint pattern with clean execution and insane materials. Utilizing no visible hardware and premium steel, this classic will surely last the test of time and look good doing it. Pass this down and continue the story of this modern knife. Inspired by your Grandfathers knife, this is for the generation of Grandpa’s to be!

    The Chapter is the classic folding knife reimagined. The Titanium frame-lock construction is as simple as it gets, with minimal moving parts for a lifetime of low maintenance. The S35vn stainless steel blade holds an edge, resists corrosion, and is easy to care for. Available in a variety of blade types and finishes, the Chapter is a knife built for hard use and solid adventures. The knife they wanted to carry didn't exist, so they made it. 

    We’re already in love with James Brand, and you can expect their line to grow in our shops over the coming months. We encourage you to swing by and handle one so you can feel just how great they are.

    Treat Yourself to a James Knife

    Adam Zarycki
    Adam Zarycki

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