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  • Groom Mate: the Joy of Well-Trimmed Nose Hairs

    October 02, 2019 2 min read

    Groom Mate: the Joy of Well-Trimmed Nose Hairs

    I was an unlucky youth. About as far as I could remember, I had more persistent nose hairs than my grandfather did at the ripe age of 80. How could I be cursed so?

    I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem ever since I was a self-conscious teenager. Tweezers were first, an obviously painful mistake. Next came scissors. Effective, but far too often—disastrous. What was a young Nathan to do? Then, one day I beheld it in all it’s glory; the Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer, the finest nostril shearing tool I have ever used. 

    This battery-free device was dreamt-up in 1991 (my birth-year, they must have predicted what was to come) by American company Groom Mate. Their goal was the same as mine, to make nose hair trimming easy and painless. They designed their products with the user’s experience in mind, and the results speak for themselves. 

    The Groom Mate, in all its glory.

    Here’s how it works: two razor-sharp scissor like blades interlock with a cylindrical design. This keeps them far away from your skin. The castle-parapet cutaways allow hairs to fall into their trap, quickly severing them between the two stainless edges. This design is essentially child-proof and easy to use on both nostrils and ear-holes. While they easily trim down unsightly hairs, they preserve the vital functions of your nostril fluff, filtering out unwanted particles and dirt in the air. This keeps you suave, while avoiding olfactory issues (definitely not suave).

    Groom Mate is serious about quality. Solid stainless steel blades offer superior edge-retention and resistance to corrosion. The Groom Mate's simple construction makes it easy to clean and maintain, but they offer a lifetime warranty if anything goes awry. Not one to stop there, they are also dedicated to environmental sustainability taking every measure possible to reduce their waste and carbon footprint. By simply creating a battery-free trimmer that lasts lifetimes, they have kept massive amounts of waste from reaching our landfills.

    Since switching to the Groom Mate, I have preserved my vanity from the assault of unruly nose hairs and avoided painful trimming accidents entirely. This grooming tool has become a staple stocking-stuffer at Christmas, and I even keep one in my grooming bag so that I always have one on the go. If you too have unruly nozzle-whiskers, the Groom Mate will soon become your first mate.

    Get a Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer Here.