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  • Eliminate Shaving Irritation with Kent of Inglewood Preshave Gel!

    by Alex Dufort Last updated: April 23, 2021

    As someone who doesn’t shave very often and usually just line up my beard when I do, I can’t say that I really take advantage of all of the products I have within arm’s reach at my workplace. I’ve always been that person to whom shaving is a bit of an afterthought. My main reason for shaving is often that I know I’m going to be seeing my mom later on that day. 

    Since most of my shaves come from “Oh shit, Mom is in town tonight!” moments, I rarely leave enough time to do a proper shave with all of the fancy gear I have. Luckily, we have a new product that saves me from shaving irritation and makes even the quickest of shaves a lot more tolerable. 

    Our brand new Kent of Inglewood Preshave Glide Gel is the perfect product for someone like me. Since it dropped, I’ve been enjoying it so much that regardless of whether I’m shaving quickly or taking my time, it has become an essential part of my routine. 

    Kent of Inglewood Preshave Glide Gel steps up the quality of your shave, and looks great on your counter! Kent of Inglewood Preshave Glide Gel steps up the quality of your shave, and looks great on your counter!

    For any newcomers to the world of wet shaving, a preshave oil or gel is a crucial step that you may have never thought or even heard of. Preshaves add a thin, slick layer to your skin that acts as a protective barrier between your skin and the blade. This doesn’t mean you can be completely reckless and expect to come out unscathed, but it will definitely allow for a wider margin of error. You can apply it before your lather as an extra suit of armour for your skin, or you can use it straight up if you’re in a hurry.

    The rare times I do a full shave, I prefer using gel over oil, as gel tends to leave a thicker protective coating on my face. Water-based gels also don’t leave my hands oily and slippery so that I can handle my razor properly. This gives me confidence when I put the blade to my face. Trust me; you do not want to be half-committed when you’ve got a blade in your hand, especially if you’re using a straight razor. If you’re doing two or even three passes with your shave, adding gel before each pass helps enormously to reduce abrasion from the razor, so you don’t get razor burn after your shave. 

    Preshave gel is water-based, so it doesn't make your hands greasy!
    Preshave gel is water-based, so it doesn't make your hands greasy!

    Another excellent use for our preshave gel is lining up your beard! This task is when I get the most use out of the gel. It only takes a moment to slap on a little gel and line things up and stops me from looking like I’ve shaved with a piece of broken glass. If your skin isn’t too sensitive, you can get away with the quick and dirty method: I apply the gel at the top of my cheeks and bottom of my neck and trim away! If your skin is more sensitive, heat your face with a shoer first and consider using shaving cream and a shaving brush. Since the gel is clear, I can see exactly where I’m trimming, so I never shave off a big chunk of my beard by accident.  There’s nothing worse than trying to level it off, only to end up with no beard left.  

    For anyone who shaves their legs or underarms, this gel makes your razor glide a whole lot smoother than you ever imagined possible! Once again, it can be used on its own for minimalist shavers in concert with other products for a more luxurious shave. This works best for bathtub shaving. Oil is still best in the shower, as it doesn’t rinse off easily.

    Whether you’re in pursuit of the perfect shave and adding a step to your routine, or you’re just a chronic last-minute shaver like me: adding Kent of Inglewood Preshave Gel to your arsenal will make your shave smoother and your skin happier.

    Grab some Kent of Inglewood Preshave Gel!

    Alex Dufort
    Alex Dufort

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