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  • Choosing perfume & How to wear it

    January 26, 2024 5 min read

    Choosing perfume & How to wear it

    Perfume is a magical thing. A well-made fragrance helps you to express your identity, for the enjoyment of others, or simply for your own indulgence. It can help you create strong first impressions, it can give you an air of sophistication, or it can simply help you feel confident. Choosing the right scent however can be quite daunting. Whether the love of your life deserves a new fragrance or you simply want to treat yourself, we have you covered.



    Choosing a perfume involves a few different considerations, but begins simply with deciding what appeals to you, and perhaps your lover. The most passionate fans of perfume end up with a collection, with scents ranging from light to heavy, floral to woody, allowing for the perfect choice for any occasion.

    Which perfume suits the moment can be decided by many factors. I choose from my collection based on weather, time of day, mood, even outfit colour can affect with bottle I use. I choose what feels right.

    Often lighter scents will be worn during the day and in warm weather. Think neroli, lemon, and rose, notes that refresh. For evenings or winter, vetiver, spices, or smoke are often popular choices. These will evoke a feeling of warmth and can lend an intellectual quality.

    One of the most important elements to choosing a fragrance is how it interacts with the chemistry of your body. You will find that certain scents truly come to life when they come in contact with your skin. Even if you love the scent as it comes out of the bottle, this reaction should be the greatest factor in your decision. So play, experiment, and have fun. If you buy a scent as a gift, ask us for a small tester to go with the bottle. That way the recipient can test it, and if it reacts poorly, or they don’t love it the way you do, they can exchange it for another.

    When choosing a scent for someone else, think about when they would wear it, and what would compliment their collection. If they are new to using scent go for something that they can use in a variety of situations, like a perfume with a spectrum of notes from light to heavy or something that you think suits their personality.


    Once you have the right scent picked, consider how you or the people around you should perceive it. Never go for the “teenage shower” method of dousing yourself, but think about the strength you want. Most scents only need to be sprayed onto the body once or twice. Those who prefer an even lighter dose can spritz a cloud in front of them and walk through it.

    When I wear perfume I want to enjoy it, so I apply it to my chest. If you only want others to detect it, down the back is best. You can also dictate how long the scent lasts by choosing where you spray it. Fragrance disappears faster on skin, while it can cling to hair or clothing much longer.

    Armed with this knowledge, you are now set to choose and wear perfume like a pro. Don't be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone, you never know what may strike your fancy. A truly great fragrance will make you feel separate from the pack, and inspire joy every time you wear it.


    These are a few personal picks that would work for most people in a few different situations.

    Left: Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Cologne  - Right: Floris Honey Oud

    Date Night/ Evening Wear

    These scents are designed to turn more than a few heads, without being heavy handed. If you’ve spent time looking good for a special evening, you deserve a scent to match.

    Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Cologne Masculine in all the right ways. A youthful update on English tradition best describes this unique take on Sandalwood by Truefitt & Hill. Its base of musk and tonka bean is well complimented by a hint of bergamot.

    Castle Forbes Vetiver I wore this on my first date with my (now) spouse, so clearly it works! Forbes makes the most refined Vetiver fragrance I've ever seen, quite simple, but delightful to everyone who experiences it.

    Left: Crown Shaving Eau de Parfum  - Right: Floris No. 89

    Low-profile scents

    Some environments call for minimal scent. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to smell good at work, but lighter fragrances will keep your coworkers happy while allowing you to be distinguished.

    Floris No. 89 Any scent known to be worn by James Bond would have to be subtle, and No. 89 is the perfect example. The traditional citrus top-notes mix brilliantly with the woody base and, being an “Eau de Toilette” this perfume is less concentrated, making it more agreeable in close quarters.

    Crown Shaving Eau de Parfum Not only is it a barber favorite, it is also Canadian-made. Ontario’s Crown Shaving created an updated take on the classic Bay Rum - normally a deafeningly strong perfume. By balancing cloves with anise, leather and tobacco, Crown has created a truly refined and subtle update to an old stand-by.

    Left: D.R. Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette - Right: Castle Forbes 1445

    Dressed to Impress

    Want to nail your job interview? First off, dress appropriately. Clothing aside, an appropriate subtle scent can really pull an outfit together, and lend an air of maturity.

    D.R. Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette Eau de Toilettes are typically lighter fragrances that won’t bother most, but have enough strength to be noticed. Windsor is a grown-up masculine scent with its traditional notes of vetiver and pepper, but is kept fresh and youthful with a small hit of orange.

    Castle Forbes 1445 Originally made for the Scottish House of Lords, 1445 celebrates Scottish heritage and all of the refined tradition that comes with it. While this scent is inspired by Scotch, fine wool and golf, it is comprised of herbed and spiced notes with an elegant twist of lemon at its top.

    Every-day wear

    To be worn everyday a fragrance must posses versatility while staying true to who you are. These perfumes are two of my all-time favorites because they have a vast appeal without being pedestrian and seem to fit just about every occasion. These are my desert-island scents.

    D.R. Harris Arlington The first scent ever crafted by Harris, Arlington carries 229 years of tradition on its back. Like most masculine scents of the early 1800s, Arlington is primarily citrus and floral with a repertoire that includes neroli, bergamot, lemon and fern.

    Persons of Interest Supernova Our first Canadian perfume brand, Persons of Interest makes sophisticated modern scents for folks that like to stay on-trend. Supernova is lush and green, like a spring morning in Vancouver.

    To sum it all up!

    I hope this gave you some ideas of where you’d like to start with your next fragrance purchase. With this information you can move confidently forward into the world of fine scents and find a personal favourite for each and every part of your life.