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  • Double Edge Safety Razors vs. Disposable Cartridge Razors

    February 26, 2021 3 min read

    Double Edge Safety Razors vs. Disposable Cartridge Razors

    Shaving and eating are very similar. Both need to be done daily and you can either suffer through it or take steps to ensure that you enjoy it. Think of your razor and shaving cream as the ingredients in a recipe. Would you be satisfied eating boiled rutabagas everyday if you knew that you could save money by eating filet mignon instead? I think not. Cartridge razors are the turnips and a classic double-edge safety razor (DE razor) is the steak. You will experience less irritation, get a smoother shave and save money.

    There are many things that contribute to a great shave, and using a razor of quality is #1 on that list. A safety razor is better for you for many reasons including quality and sharpness of the blade, the amount of room around the blade and not needing to apply excess pressure while shaving.

    One $30 sleeve of 100 blades provides 2-4 years of smooth, comfortable shaving.

    Most cartridge razors utilize several blades of lesser standing in a space that should only contain one sharp blade. By introducing more blades to the same amount of space, you are just begging the razor to clog up after a single pass. How many times do you have to rap the razor on the sink to clear it up? If the razor is clogged, it isn’t working properly. Hairs get broken or plucked out instead of being severed, which results in in-grown hairs and razor burn.

    Learning to use a DE razor can take a little practice, but most people become comfortable within a few     gentle strokes. Those who are used to using a swivel-headed cartridge might be inclined to push harder than necessary which can cause nicks, cuts and disappointment. In reality, you can allow the razor to do most of the work for you. Getting accustomed to the angle with which you shave can also take a little practice as every razor, and every face, are different. It is a good idea to take your time and enjoy the shave until you are familiar with your gear.

    There is more to wet-shaving than pampering your skin. It is much more economical to shave with a DE razor. Expect to pay around $75, plus or minus $25, to get started but you will never have to spend that again. Replacement blades are cheap as chips, anywhere between twenty cents and a dollar per blade. You’ll no longer be forced to suffer through terrible shaves in a vain effort to pinch your pennies.

    Another benefit to wet shaving is the warm fuzzy feeling associated with helping the environment. By only needing to replace the blade and not using an aerosol can of cream, you will find yourself throwing much less in the rubbish bin. You're now one step closer to that zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle.

    Everyone deserves to have the best and sometimes the best isn’t as out of reach as you had thought. In the case of shaving, the best is an affordable luxury; one that saves money, helps you look good and as the saying goes, “If you look good, you feel good.”

    If you really want to feel good, try using a classic straight edged razor. It’s much easier that most assume and saves even more money in the long run. The best part about a straight razor shave is the feeling of invincibility that comes along with it. If you start your day by clearing the stubble from your skin with the sharpest blade you’ve ever held, you can do anything. 

    If you're unsure of how to get started, check out our 'How to Shave Articles' for a breakdown of both safety and straight razor shaving methods.

    Check out our safety razors here.