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Canada Gin Day

September 19, 2016 2 min read

Canada Gin Day

Today, Sept 19, is Canada Gin Day. It's a day that we celebrate great Canadian gins and sure, even gins from around the world. 

Here is a list of some of our faves, and some we'd like to try. Please let us know of the many we missed. We would love to have a comprehensive list to add to our personal stash from. 

Eau Claire Gin
66 Gilead Loyalist Gin
Okanagan Sprits Gin
Last Best Lavender and Spruce gin
Long Table Gin
Urban Distilleries Spirit Bear Gin
Victoria Gin
Schramm Organic Gin
Merridale Cowichan Gin
Wallflower Gin
Queensborough Gin
Endeavour Gin
Gambit Gin
Unruly Gin
Gin Sauvage
Legacy Gin
Ampersand Distilling Co. Gin
Vin Gin
Noteworthy Gin
The Empiric Gin
Seaside Gin
Yaletown Gin

Deep Cove Distillers Rosemary and Olive Gin
Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers' Gins
66 Gilead Loyalist Gin
Piger Henricus
Gin Thuya
Strait Gin
Top Shelf Gin

Triple Beam Gin

Now. The next question is tonic or no tonic. And then, if so, what tonic? Porters rose and Cardamom (only available at Kent of Inglewood, naturally), Third Place, or Phillip’s Dry. Or maybe get extravagant and prepare Nathan Gareau’s Gentleman’s Martini? 

“A proper Martini needn't call for any barbaric shaking or the use of such silly things like Vodka. A healthy dose of vermouth and a healthier dose of Gin is the ticket.” 
—Famed Cocktologist Nathan Gareau

The Gentleman’s Martini

Chill a Martini glass with crushed ice. 
Muddle in stirring glass:
    3 Juniper Berries & 1 slice of Cucumber
Pour in:
    2.5oz Eau Clair parlour Gin
    3/4oz Cocchi Americano Vermouth
    1/4oz St. Germain
    A generous helping of ice

Stir thoroughly
Strain into the Martini glass, emptied of its ice
Garnish with a twist of Lemon