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  • Orbitkey: an Everyday Carry, for Everyday People

    April 16, 2019 3 min read

    Orbitkey: an Everyday Carry, for Everyday People

    At Kent of Inglewood, we’re always striving to provide products and services that make your daily routines more enjoyable. Whether that’s shaving with a single-blade razor and a brush, taming facial hair with a quality beard balm, or splitting firewood with a sharp axe - you can always improve on tasks like these. We think that this can make daily life a little more pleasant.

    A big part of this is what we choose to bring with us when we head out the door at the start of each day. Being organized and adaptable gives you confidence and peace of mind, which helps you tackle all that life might throw your way.

    This is why we’re very excited to introduce Orbitkey to the Kent of Inglewood “stable” of brands.

    The Orbitkey line of products are designed to make your day more organized, and they were born of a desire to tidy up the messy collections of keys that fill our pockets, backpacks and purses. The first invention by Orbitkey back in 2013 was the  Key Organizer, and it’s become an everyday carry (or EDC) essential.

    The Key Organizer takes your messy stack of keys (from two to seven), and turns them into a silent stack that is slim in the pocket and easy to access. They won’t scratch other items in your pocket or bag, and you can easily attach large items like car keys and magnetic fobs to the included D-Ring. These are available in leather, nylon, and "active" models.

    The Orbitkey Ring  is the redesign of the conventional key ring that we’ve all wanted. No more prying with fingernails and fussing about, this keeps your items securely attached but easy to reorganize and detach when needed.


    The  Orbitkey Clip  provides an elegant way to carry items outside of your pocket. It comes with an included Orbitkey Ring, and you can easily swap out others to keep your items within reach. Use it with your water-bottle, it can hold up to 4kg comfortably!

    The  Orbitkey Strap is a combination of durable stainless steel enclosure and a premium leather strap, allowing your most important belongings to sit by your waist, or easily be found inside your bag or backpack.

    The Orbitkey system also includes multi-tools, travel kits, bottle openers, nail files and USB sticks that can be added to the organizer.

    What I especially love about all of these products, is how well they fit together. You can use them to find the perfect set-up for yourself, or someone in your life who could benefit from elegant organization. The folks who created Orbitkey have a suggested process for decluttering your keys when you switch to their product.

    1. Declutter. Get rid of anything you don’t use weekly, or keys for things that aren’t in season.
    2. Organize. Decide on an easy to remember order for your keys. Perhaps house keys are first, followed by mail, then work and finally your bike-lock.
    3. Diversify. Now that your keys are tidied up, what else can you make easier? Throw on a few accessories like a multi-tool or USB stick to make life more organized.

    Orbitkey is designed in Australia, and all products come with a two-year warranty. Their outstanding quality and commitment to great design makes it a perfect fit for Kent of Inglewood.

    Pairs perfectly with a Secrid Wallet, folding comb comb, and a pocket knife for a very suave EDC.