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  • Aleppo Soaps at Kent of Inglewood

    October 07, 2019 2 min read

    Aleppo Soaps at Kent of Inglewood

    Aleppo Savon was started in Calgary by a Syrian refugee of two years, Abdulfatah Sabouni. Mr. Sabouni is a fourth generation soap-maker and is continuing his family business that has been around for over 125 years. The last name Sabouni even means soap-maker.

    At Kent of Inglewood we love brands with history. Decades of craftsmanship allows for continuous refinement of a product to be combined with prestigious tradition. The methods used at Aleppo Savon are much the same as the ancient techniques used to make soap in the Syria of old and are thought to have stayed in the region for millennia until the Crusaders brought it back to Europe and spurred the obsession with finely crafted soap that exists now in France and all-throughout Europe.  

    We are proud to support Aleppo Savon in our Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa stores. You can see display towers stacked in our stores in the same design seen all over Syria, and we now have 6 soaps available:

    Olive Oil Soaps in JasmineLavender, RosePear Fantasy and SandalwoodThese soaps are made from a base of Olive, Coconut and Palm Oil. These cost-effective oils moisturize the skin without the need for nasty additives, and are perfect for all skin-types, hands, bodies and hair. The Jasmine and Lavender, Rose and Pear scents are naturally derived and therefore have the true essence of the flowers they come from.

    Laurel Oil soaps - Laurel Oil soaps may be the most famous from Syria. Laurel Oil and Olive Oil are mixed because Laurel oil is thought to by extra hydrating, as well as anti-bacterial and beneficial for people with excessively dry or irritated skin. This soap is essentially unscented, with only a mild scent of laurel and olive oils.

    Perhaps the best thing about Aleppo soaps is the feeling of na’eeman that you get after using them. What's that, you’ve never heard of “na’eeman”? Kent of Inglewood assistant manager, Leigh and company founder Kevin Kent wrote a bit on the concept of na’eeman a while back. It’s an idea that has influenced us at Kent of Inglewood, because we are all about that feeling of na’eeman that you get from having just washed with fine soaps or shaved with classic shaving products.

    We hope you’ll experience this special product for yourselves. When you finish washing your hands with Aleppo Soap, try exclaiming “Na'eeman!” to really get into the spirit of things, knowing that you have supported a new Canadian company with generations of tradition.