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  • A women's call to arms... er, legs.

    June 15, 2016 3 min read

    A women's call to arms... er, legs.

    Through the time women have ruled the earth there has almost always been a method to remove the unwanted hair from our legs, face and underarms. 

    The earliest forms began in Ancient Egypt where clams were used as tweezers and early forms of wax were made with honey or sugar.

    In the middle ages, women’s concern was not with the forest on their legs, but their undesirably small foreheads and full eyebrows - seriously. Queen Elizabeth the 1st and the other women of nobility would remove hairs from their hairline to create a larger forehead, which was considered favourable at the time. Removal of the eyebrows would complete this very stylish look.

    Their preferred method of depilation would be either walnut oil or ammonia (which they would acquire from their beloved cats).

    In the 1900’s, when a magazine ad depicted a model with her arms up and her pits shaven clean a modern trend started - hair removal for women. As skirts became shorter and pinup models became fashionable, clean-shaven legs also became desirable. Razor companies took advantage and started creating products and razors specifically for us gals.

    Now its 2016 and it seems the only option out there for you is disposable, expensive, plastic razors that all claim at least 7 days of smoothness, yet only provide a quick and slightly uncomfortable shave. Days are plagued with itchiness in the armpits while your ever growing hair returns, and toxic smelling cream that leave our skin dry and cracked, hardly the smooth goddess legs and underarms we have been promised.

    Have no fear, ladies of the world. You have another option! We cater to all sexes and I promise your legs (and wallet) will thank you. The benefits of switching to a safety or straight razor are not only a better shave, but a more cost effective one as well. The blades on both are truly razor sharp and cut the hair closer to the skin and more cleanly than a disposable cartridge razor - at a fraction of the price. You experience a cleaner shave that will last a day or two longer at least, along with less irritation to the skin. Utilizing a single blade hairs are cut bluntly, ingrown hairs can be almost if not fully eliminated from your life. Adding a badger hair-brush with a wonderfully scented shaving cream or soap helps to eradicate scaly dry legs and the dreaded armpit itch. A brush is not only used to lather the cream, but exfoliates as well, for a luminous result.

    A safety razor is just that, a safe razor. Its ease of use will astound you and its shave will knock your socks off. A straight razor although intimidating, is quite an easy thing to use. Our legs have subtle curves that are easy to navigate, which makes it easier to shave than a face. Any nick or cut is also almost surgical, so they heal in the blink of an eye. Also, they’re an investment piece, they are a lifetime item and never need replacing, straight razors are truly the most cost effective way to shave.  

    Make the switch, ladies. You no longer need to be a slave to the expensive and disappointing empire of Venus and Gillette. Join me in comfortable shaving, smooth legs and a true pampering experience. Your gams will thank you.

    Tala - Kent of Inglewood shaving guru