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Mujun Fuji Higo

Mujun is a project done by the Coelacanth Shokudo company in Miki, Hyogo. They are a group of young designers in Japan trying to bring Japanese traditional crafts to a contemporary audience. Their knife maker is based out of the town of Miki, Hyogo, which is famous for blacksmithing. We occasionally get knives from this area for Garage Sales, and our regular Higo no Kami Sadakoma knives are made in MIki by Nagao Koma Seisakusho. 

This Mt. Fuji Higo knife has a very unique for design and functionality. White #2 carbon steel clad with soft iron allows for better edge retention than our regular higos. The handle is brass and even has a bottle opener! 

Blade Length
Overall Length 180mm Open / 105mm Closed
Steel Type White #2 carbon steel clad with soft iron